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Refine your skin with benefits of Pumpkin?

Pumpkin Skin Refinement series now being offered at Indulge Salon.

Our skin is the largest organ that is living and breathing that has to be cared for daily. As we strive to find the “fountain of youth” the creams and lotions will work for a period of time depending on the quality of the ingredients. Enter Pumpkin Skin Refinement Series available at Indulge Salon York Pa.

As my years are creeping up on me at this special age over 50, the skin has changed dramatically. It used to stay up in place. Now it has drooped around the lips and jaw. I’m not super excited by that development but know that I’ve always been fascinated by skin care early in my teens. You would never catch me without a moisturizer and a scrub. Those two are my staples to beautiful sin.

Signs of skin needing resuscitated:pumpkin

  1. smokers skin drawn around the mouth
  2. yellow tinge to the skin
  3. sagging skin
  4. pale, thin skinned
  5. crepe skin
  6. acne skin
  7. thickened skin

In order for us to resuscitate the skin, we may have to force the skin to respond to a specific customized  chemical peel allowing the skin to be able to accept vitamins at a deeper more profound level.

Introducing our Pumpkin Skin Refinement Series of Facials, Chemical Peels and Polish treatments.

Step 1. Schedule the Pumpkin apple facial treatment $100

We recommend starting off with Our Pumpkin Apple Facial: It is designed to revive rescusitate dry summer skin. Packed full of nutritious pumpin and rejuvenating apple wine extracts . This facial tightens and firms. Will infuses skin with potent antioxidant support and brightens skin tone for a beautiful, glowing polish and radiant skin that will last for weeks.  allow 60 minutes

Step 2. Schedule in 3 weeks (perfect for the holidays coming up) Pumpkin Apple Fall Peel $125

This treatment will thoroughly exfoliate the skin on a deeper level. May cause some light peeling or a deeper peel. This is a brightening anti-aging facial that hydrates the skin. Vitamin A plus Omega 6 EFA . I love this facial/chemical peel because it cleanses the skin beautifully. Allow 60 minutes.

Step 3. Schedule in 3 weeks  Pumpkin Peptide Polish (perfect for the pre holiday cocktail parties, looking good in front of your ex, selfies and of course Christmas dinner)

This treatment is exfoliating with layers of nurturing chemical peel that removes dead skin. Antioxidant support, collagen activity and brightens the skin leaving it smooth and silky. Enjoy the vitamin A, Omega 6 and the powerful enzymes to stimulate the newer skin cells to generate.  allow 40 min  $85.00

Relax during your Skin Refinement no matter which treatment you succumb to. Book here.

Doing a treatment as prescribed will give you glowing radiant skin. Friends and family will wonder what you are up. I’m so excited to give you one of these lovely skin refinement series. These treatments are available through December 31st.

Home care skin products to support your treatments are essential to continuing to give you beautiful skin.  All available at Indulge Salon on South George St.

Ra Chrono Peptide A (Vitamin A)

Ra ChronoPeptide A

Ra Ageless

Ra Age Less

Ra Pumpkin Cleanser

Ra Pumpkin Cleanser

Ra Pumpkin Lotion

Ra Pumpkin Lotion

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