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Hairdreams hair extensions short to long hair

Dreaming of long hair? Losing hair? Experiencing shedding?Hairdreams model

                                        My HAIR STOPPED GROWING!

The same length for years. You’ve done it all. Collagen, Biotin, frequent trims yet the hair seems to stay the same length no matter what you do. I’ve heard this for years from my clients. Since 2017, Indulge Salon, York, Pa and Indulge Salon Greensboro, GA have seen hair grow and get fuller and thicker with a hair growing process that we have seen 100% results for ever single person that has used our system.

Yes, we suggest a hair growing system. However; if you have been dreaming of hair to your breast, dreaming of hair down the back that is fuller and thicker we can make this happen for you in about 1 hour with Hairdreams hair extensions.

We do use other brands too, but this is the newest innovation and creative force for hair extensions that are by far a luxury source that is far superior to any other brands we have used in our salons.

We love to make hair dreams come true. Recently, a couple of my team members headed to Philadelphia, Pa to a luxury hair extension company that revealed the secrets to stunningly beautiful hair.

Hairdreams extensions expect to all of their customers to take training to be certified in the Hairdreams certification 2 day process. Alexa and myself did complete the training as well as Christina in our Lake Oconee, Greensboro, Ga location.

This “instant” hair installation is the most beautiful hair that comes from Austria. An important distinction of hair companies that provide hair extensions is essential to know what is being installed in your hair. Take a look at this point of difference:

hair extensions york pa

Hair Dreams comparison between other brands

As you can see on the left image, Hairdreams is consistent from root to ends of the hair thickness. The competitor shows the tapering of the hair at the ends that could look or be almost 1 – 2″ in difference. What are you paying for?

I learned this valuable lesson in class at the Hairdreams training. I mean this company is very detail oriented when it comes to their brand. I was so impressed with the knowledge that I wanted to share with you some other points of difference.

The before process is all about prepping the hair to make sure the adhesive that is applied to your hair will be healthy and installed properly to PREVENT breakage. Many other brands pull the hair tightly on each side causing an apex affect vs the hair strand laying in the natural fall that lays down therefore growing out properly and not twisting causing knots and damage.

The hair can be colored with a depositing color not lifted depending on the type of grade of hair installed. Because the hair is processed before we receive it in the customized coloring of two shades or one shade mixed, low maintenance or no maintenance is required. The installation will proceed once we receive the hair. It takes about 3 – 5 days unless we overnight the hair.

Hair color choices can come in multi toned from ashy blonde, golden blonde, mixtures of blonde, lowlights, dark espresso, red, auburn the colors are limitless.

Hairdreams color choices

Hairdreams hair extension colors are limitless

I will say that the after care process is essential and will be part of your training to care for your hair. The hair will last about 3 months to 4 months and sometimes 6 months however I do say that with caution because you really do need to care for your hair properly to even get them to last that long. The hair will last, it’s about your hair dreams coming true by brushing the way we teach you every day. Washing your hair, conditioning the hairdreams will be taken seriously to ensure that you get the longest lasting result possible.

We will require several maintenance appointments for you to come in to cut off or trim the shedding hair that grows out of your head while you have your hairdreams extensions in your hair.

If maintenance is not done correctly, the possibility of hair matting or growing out with knots could be a high likelihood. We won’t allow that to happen on our watch but you need to do your part to keeping them in good shape.

The weight of your hair will change. The cool thing that you will be able to experience is the actual new weight of your hair equally distributed throughout your hair. I loved the way the new hair feels so soft and silk  like luxurious silk. I loved running my fingers through the hairdreams hair.

Our very own front desk coordinator Diane was or model see her on our facebook page: Indulgesalon – she had started out with long hair but lacked the luster that she was able to have with 2 colors of hair extensions that look natural. The hairdreams extensions made her hair look thick and beautiful. We were proud of the results of her new length of hair.

Diane hairdreams hair extensions

Diane hairdreams after

She said, “my hair feels fuller at the bottom. I love the natural looking highlights these hairdreams extensions gave me.” Diane Hayes, York, Pa 

Sleeping with your new hairdreams hair will require braiding the hair. Washing your hairdreams hair is done with specific instructions that we will go over with you to make sure you know what you are doing. Hair color, highlighting the hairdreams can and will alter the structure of the hair. We can do this with purpose and will color the natural hair by highlighting the hair. We will do everything to protect the integrity of the hair for your own and the hairdreams extensions.

For more information about other types of hair extensions start reading here. 

We are happy to provide a consultation that you can make some choices on the colors that we can incorporate with your hair, length, style and we can tell you what we need to do to prepare your hair, the products you will need to use or purchase and the approximate cost of the services. Call 717.846.4424 to set up your time.

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