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Fine thinning hair? Not anymore with this treatment

new growth after 1 year

hair growth 1 year later after hair loss

hair loss in brush

Kimberly’s real hair loss in her brush

new growth after 1 year

solution for hair loss

hair loss

Kimberly, Owner of Indulge Salon

Fine thinning hair to thicker, fuller and longer hair 1 year later

April 6, 2017, my son passed away leaving me to find more myself. The loss was so sad that I felt like I didn’t want to drag myself out of bed. I used to look at myself in the mirror talking to that “self” saying, “you need to get up, you need to move forward today and look your best.” I knew  that I had never had great hair  at any point in my life. I normally would pull it back into a pony tail that made it look thicker. I did have it cut every 6 months because the ends were straggly.

During a year that I could remember, my hair was being cut and the stylist that was cutting my hair said, “Kimberly, you don’t have any hair in the middle of the back of your head.” Of course I was stunned or couldn’t imagine my hair being that short. Unfortunately, it was true, my hair had broken off from the constant strain of being pony tailed at the same spot for 20 years. Needless to say, I cut it off shorter to make it look better. I still hadn’t learned my lesson after all of those years.

2017 broken off fine thin hair

fine thinning hair 2017

My emotions were all over the place between happy and sad or just bursting into tears from the loss I was feeling. I couldn’t think straight, wasn’t eating right and certainly hadn’t been getting enough sleep over the years but the previous two years before my son’s passing wasn’t the epitome of healthy eating. My hair was not that important to me at that time.

After he passed in April, the following months were a struggle to function. My body was tired and sleepy. I had always taken vitamins for my fine thin hair but knew that I needed to change my hair behaviors. Since being in the beauty industry, the opportunities to have hair extensions installed to give my hair length and fullness immediately but didn’t want to stress my hair at the scalp since it was just starting to grow back but still had hair loss and didn’t think it was strong enough to hold the attachment at the scalp and the weight of the hair. I nixed that idea although it is good for others that option didn’t seem feasible to me at the time.

One day I was working in the salon when this sales representative came in offering me samples of a hair growing shampoo. I agreed to try the treatment with lots of skepticism about “another” product that is supposed to grow hair. I knew that I always recommended Biotin 1 – 3x per day but that was a slow solution and was always on the look out for new products to help my clients. Being used to always doing things for others, this was my norm vs how do I take care of myself. That was foreign thinking for me just to think about my own fine thin hair.

After using the treatment and conditioner for 1 month, I saw a huge difference. My hair wasn’t falling out any longer, it felt thicker and I started to get compliments on how shiny my hair was in the light. I never received compliments like I was receiving multiple times per week. The Boost products were part of the routine to give my hair volume and thickness. I had used these products for over a year and saw my hair turn into hair that I didn’t know I had.

1 year later longer, thicker and fuller

fuller thicker hair 1 year later

thicker fuller hair after hair loss 1 year ago

As you can see from the before and after photos above, the photo that shows my hair being held out has literally grown 12″ looking thicker and fuller while the ends of the hair are still thin from a year ago. I stopped pony tailing my hair as much. I didn’t put it in a pony tail at night which causes stress on the hair from being in the same spot. I stopped combing my hair from the scalp out but instead combed it with a large tooth comb from the ends up. If you go to FB: Indulge Salon, you will see a few of my hair videos that show how to comb your hair properly.

Solutions for fine thinning hair:

  • coloring hair to thicken the strands of hair with permanent or demi-permanent color
  • highights that thicken the strand of hair and gives the appearance of lighter hair
  • contouring hair color that plays on the bone structure, the fine thin hair that makes it look lighter
  •  hair extensions that either are tape in or micro linked read more here
  • haircut designed for fine thin hair
  • use a flat iron correctly
  • light body perm that gives volume without the frizz
  • started more green foods such as spinach, kale, green beans, sweet potatoes, red beets
  • getting sleep
  • watching funny and motivating videos

Loving my hair now

As a result of taking care of my hair in a good way inside and out, my hair is beautiful and thicker than I’ve ever imagined. My fine thin hair is thicker, fuller and longer to the point that it’s heavy when I wash it in the shower. My habits have paid off for me. I didn’t realize the damage that I had been doing for so many YEARS that I think about the result of pony tailing to much or not caring for me the way that I could have. I hope you have learned some things that will help you take best care of your hair the way I did. I still use my hair growing shampoo available at Indulge Salon, York, Pa or Indulge Salon Greensboro, GA. We have the treatments, the conditioners that are for either over 40 years old or under 40 for split ends and the styling products that help thicken your hair.

Our team will help you set up the regimen that you need to care for your hair in the right way. We will provide you an assessment of your texture, porosity and give you a great haircut that will compliment your face shape and lifestyle. We will evaluate whether you need to have hair extensions, hair color or highlights that are good for your look. We will recommend the use of CollagenBlu a supplement that helps assist in hair growth plus help your joints. The Collagenblu is available for purchase in salons or go to to read more about these supplements.

To book an appointment or talk to one of our live agents to book a consultation go here. 

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