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Productivity in the workplace

Productivity = time management efficiency in the work place

Are you as productive as you thought you were? Feel like you aren’t getting ahead in the day? Loads of emails to filter through or find that your facebook page is more interesting? So many of our days are filled with filtering through our emails from people we aren’t really interested in however; it takes time to delete to remove them.

Recently I had attended an Irrational Summit with a bunch of really smart economists that shed a light on the economy and the what if’s when or if Trump would become President of the United States. The group also had created some potential outcomes if Hillary would be elected. Well, this was an eye opener because:

  • if Trump were elected productivity would jump because he would cause a stir amongst public investments
  • the Fed would initiate changes based on his decisions and the goal to increase revenue for the country would be to get people more productive then the general population currently works about 34 hours. We are losing millions of dollars by workers not working as many hours that were available in our country. (this was interesting)
  • the amount of money that is committed by country monthly would have an affect on our citizens because of medicaid, medicare and the amount of people that are dependent on “the system”.
  • the conversation went on and on with everyone’s opinions on investing.

My personal thoughts to this conversation were what are doing as an action step to be more productive with your time. Is it checking all of your social media accounts for hours on end? Is it talking on the phone more or emails that really just fill up your day with non producing money making activities? Are you taking care of the co-workers, customers, clients associated with you?

Every time you check and email that goes nowhere eats up your time. Time you don’t get back. Think about the time dragons that eat up your valuable time that could be taken to meet with a potential client, close down your computer that isn’t offering you what you need. How about advanced education? Does it really have to be somebody’s else’s responsibility or could you schedule a training for yourself to further your career?

I find that when I spend a some time preparing myself in the morning with goals, appropriate makeup for the day, style my hair for interactions with people that my day has a more productive feel to it. Planning, preparing to execute a day is important to achieve goals in life. The question remains, what are you doing with your time during your 24 hours a day to be more productive? Are you spending time with people that drag you down emotionally or do you spend time with people that lift you up or contribute to your life. I find that I’ve run into both types during the years. I learned this tip from Brian Tracy, Author and speaker. He said you can’t eat a frog in one day. You’ve got to break down your goals in to bite size nimblers to achieve the big goal over time.

For example, getting ready in the morning could take 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how my makeup counter is set up. If its all jumbled then my makeup application would take longer because I have to hunt for things. I do have all of my makeup organized into sections such as moisturizer because that goes on first, foundation colors goes on second so I have it positioned them to the right of my counter so that I don’t have to think about where to reach for them. The other makeup items such as eye shadow, liners (can’t give away all my secrets) are lined up in order of makeup application. This has proven very efficient, time saving so much that it dropped my get ready time down to 15 minutes from shower to out the door. It pays to be productive with time management. This is situational time management.

Just some thought provoking ideas for you to make your day more productive. Click here.

Feel free to share some of your time management savings activities to pass along to others. Thank you in advance for sharing.


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