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2017 Contouring Color for hair

2017 shows Contouring Color for hair for spring and summer

Color Contouring with waves

Color Contouring for hair in waves – courtesy of Wella

                   What is Contouring Color?

The artistic placement of color shading to bring out the shape of the haircut design.  These contouring colors are placed in the swell of a curl, along the edge of cut giving the illusion of choppiness, lightness at the curve of the head reflecting light. Strategically placed hair colors of dark to light, light to dark, warm to cool or cool to warm to mimic movement in the hair.

Imagine your makeup that you place to contour your cheeks, your eyes, and your jawline with a darker or lighter shade to bring out your best features for “affect”. The same works for Contouring Color only with lighteners to brighten and hair color to add depth. This is the most exciting time of year to bring out your best features with techniques that will express yourself.

When a stylist takes time to consider texture of hair, where the hair sits naturally on the face to determine what is best for your face shape and lifestyle is part of the consultation we do with all of our clients at Indulge Salon. After 25 years of being in the salon industry, I still spend the time to tweak new ideas for my long time clients.

Even short hair can have Contouring Color for hair. I did this one client whom travels 5 hours to have her hair colored and cut with me once a month. We created this amazing inspiration of blue jean color which was depth of a gray blue at the scalp then diffused towards the ends as a faded blue gray. This was one of my favorite hair colors that was iconic for me. We still talk about this color but have since moved on to the new grays along with a disconnected cut.

Customizing the hair with a new haircut and color is truly the ultimate for any person. Contouring Color for hair will give a personalized approach to the same old balayage that we have been doing for years. Here are some of the few techniques that are excellent for longer hair:

  1. Balayage highlights technique was designed to free hand paint lightener to give off the look of the sun kissing the hair on top of the head. This technique creates a very natural look.
  2. Free lights techniques is another version of hand painted highlights however the product used is 100% different. The product encapsulates the hair creating a seal around the hair shaft therefore protecting it from touching other parts of the hair that could get spotty if touched. This was revolutionary in the hair coloring world from my opinion.
  3. Ombre’ technique is still strong with the darkness at the scalp then moving lighter towards the ends. This took the balayage technique and turned its world upside down. Still popular but seeing it trend more towards the brighter rainbow colors to showcase the colors even more.
  4. Contouring Color for hair has created a movement amongst our peers in the salon industry to customize the artistry for the person we are working on. Our clients expect personalization from the hair to their makeup.
  5.  Here is the hit list of trends:
    1. Vintage Waves, romantic waves styling, curls
      Undulating color - contouring color for hair showing movement

      Undulating color – courtesy of Wella

      Graphical Illusion - Contouring color for hair

      Graphical Fluidity – courtesy of wella

      and beach waves using the new EIMI products to produce long lasting waves customized with Contouring Color to show off those waves after styling. This is artistic and crafted for each person.

    2. Graphic Fluidity – demonstrating the seemless color complimenting the change in textures by craft cutting. The craft cutting technique (we just finished a training on this) is about the precision of the cut that after moving the hair (fluidity) shows the change in contouring color in the hair.
    3. Optical Waves – dark to light shading and contouring with
      Optical Illusions contouring color for hair

      Optical Illusions – courtesy of Wella

      warm to cool or cool to warm. This technique is mesmerizing because of the interest of looking at the hues of color in the hair.

    4. Undulating Color for Curves are inspired by movement such as walking down a street. The breeze that has lifted or bounced the hair while walking will reflect the light differently on a wave with shadow. Fascinating to talk about light and shadow in color to make movement in the hair.
    5. Pixelated hair – think of a dots that make
      Wella - Pixelated hair

      Pixelated Hair – photo courtesy of Wella

      up a picture. This is the for the ultra creative person that is inspired by the art.I know this was a long blog however; the trends are deep and wide for 2017 Spring and Summer trends in Contouring color for hair. Call 717.846.4424 for your update today. or Go here to book a consultation with Kimberly Acworth.

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