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The Manicured Eyebrow for 2017

Manicured eyebrows are in?

Manicured eyebrows at Indulge Salon York Pa

Manicured eyebrows

Its the perfect manicured brow that demonstrates the sophisticated woman that appears to have it all together. You look at her showing her confidence in her makeup, her clothing and how she presents herself. Want that look?

The Manicured Brow system includes  shaping, trimming, waxed to perfection therefore creating the perfect compliment to your face. The manicured brow is part of your “look”. They define your look whether its soft or bring on the power brow.

At Indulge Salon, York Pa, we have created the perfect MANICURED BROW system that gives you a polished image for work, for play or for whatever, it’s part of you for 2017. The brows are thicker and refined with a soft finish on the end. If your eyebrows have diminished over the years, now is the time to have a manicured eyebrow consultation to see what would be the perfect eyebrow shape and color for your skin tone. Let’s face it out eyebrows change in texture with some stiff coarse hair, they change in color to grey or just have lost their vibrant coloring they once had and normally the ends of the eyebrow have just left period. We have solutions for you.

Enjoy updating your look with a makeup application using Glo Minerals makeup. We have a full selection of colors, dewy foundation or go for the Luxe foundation applied with the ultimate brush. Try a natural look finish with the new primers that we having coming soon.

Call 717.846.4424 for your appointment today. Ask for Emily. She will shape, trim if necessary and wax the perfect starter shape (if they were not in good shape prior to your appointment) then she will arch with Glo Minerals brow tools for you to leave with your new manicured brow.

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