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Organic Hair Color Makes its Debut at Indulge Salon


We pride ourselves on providing the best possible color lines that help us create beautiful color for your hair. Proudly, we introduce to you Organic Colour Systems.

We absolutely fell in love with Organic  Colour Systems’

5 Key Promises:

1. We use the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals.

2. We source our ingredients ethically and use them carefully. We only use Non-GMO ingredients.

3. We have never tested our products on animals.

4. We believe in recycling and protecting the environment

5. We have never used ammonia

How cool is that?!

Organic Colour Systems

To top it off, we love the range of color we are able to customize just for you with their line. We have the ability to do Bright & Funky or Natural Shades. For our clients with skin sensitivities, medication concerns, or just those who are wishing to have as minimal chemical contact as possible, this line is for you.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. sinda tait says:

    would really like to try this color but I”m not paying 25 dollars to have my hair blow dried out. I don”t believe everyone has to pay that price.Just certain ones.

  2. kimberlyacworth says:

    Hi Sinda,
    Sorry you felt the need to reply that you don’t feel that the time it takes to blow dry your hair is worth $25. When you have a haircut the blow dry style is included. The amount of time to take and style still take time, product and yes some long and thick hair does require more time. We just can’t pick and choose therefore; we charge for blow dry styling across the board if you don’t have a haircut. Thank you for your feedback. Kimberly, Owner