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GloMinerals Luxe Foundation in makeup application

Transform your skin with Glominerals Diamond Luxe Foundation.

Indulge Salon is now carrying Glominerals Luxe Foundation. Our customers are so impressed with the smooth coverage that they have been experiencing in comparison to other cosmetic brands.  They have said:

“I’ve never seen my skin look so smooth before”

“I love the coverage”

“the redness from my Rosacea isn’t visible”

“my daughter has never felt so pretty”Indulge Salon York Pa, Diamond Luxe turorial

The facts that the Glo-minerals cosmetic line has a philosophy that building your foundation will give better coverage without feeling heavy. The Diamond Luxe Foundation won’t flake or feel cakey. Just yesterday, my client has oily skin in the T-zone area. I had her use the primer which is one of my most favorite products because it applies like silk. We only recommend a small amount that fills in the pores creating this beautiful smooth surface. Next we used the Glo-Minerals Redress that is great for reducing redness and allows the oils to be absorbed. I know this sound really weird but after we applied the powder with the right tool that doesn’t smear the powder and prevent it from getting thick, we allowed it to set up and then applied the Diamond Luxe Foundation which is so light and was applied with one of our new beauty blotters. Her skin looked so smooth. My client couldn’t believe that she had those layers on her face but felt so smooth and light. The Diamond Luxe Foundation has diamond crystals in the foundation that give off a light reflection resulting in youthful appearance to the skin.

Here is a review by blogger Sara click here

Another example of how amazing this Glo-Minerals Foundation is on the skin, I happened to be in the Giant Food Store on Pauline Drive. I barely go to the food store perhaps 4x per year. I love cooking however; shopping takes lots of time because I know so many people while going through the aisles that I have to stop and chat.

As I was moving through the aisle, I saw one of our customers from Indulge Salon, I waved as she walking by. I thought nothing of it because she is a pretty busy girl herself. She backed up to talk with me which is always interesting until she told me how great I looked. I don’t take compliments well but from her it was most appreciated. She meant it. She knew that I was over 40. She complimented my makeup, my skin and how good I looked. Frankly, I spent some time with my makeup application before I went to the store because I had looked horrid without makeup in the morning. Wearing the right type of foundation for my skin had really paid off for me. I felt pretty! At 50+, we are always happy to hear a compliment. Although the guy at the McDonalds drive through handing my beverage said I looked HOT. (I was in my pj’s and wasn’t open to the scrutiny)

Experiencing a different quality of foundation such as Glo-Minerals Diamond Luxe foundation is different. It’s lighter in weight, it won’t feel thick, and it glides on with minimal product.

I personally invite you in to Indulge Salon at our South George St location for a makeover or makeunder. Try one of our new foundations for yourself. Call to set up an appointment for one of our girls to work with your skin to see which shade works best for you. We will show you how to apply this new Diamond Luxe Foundation to get the best results for you. I want you to feel as good as I did get compliments. You know its great when the person who gave you the compliment does a double take, stops to talk to you and compliment. Now that’s a great day!

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Thank you!

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