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The Postman concurs with Indulge Salon owner

Trump vs Clinton

Need I say more? All of the conversations on the phone with family and friends. One of the cardinal rules in the hair salon life is not to talk about these three topics:

  1. sex
  2. religion
  3. politics

Guess what we can’t resist talking about? You got it. Trump vs Clinton topics. They are dangerous because each person has their own view points towards which would be the best out of the worst of choices. The most common consistent feedback that is unsolicited is:

  1. we’ve got to pick the best out of the worst
  2. how did we get here with these two yahoo’s to vote on?
  3. I’m not voting, I don’t like any of them (most common)
  4. If I go with Hillary she will double tax us
  5. If I go with “the Don” he is like a grease fire without any boundaries

All day. I can’t wait till this vote is over. I’d like to get back to doing beautiful hair and transforming our clients. They are stressed, they don’t know how their income will be affected. Truth be told, after attending the Irrational Economic Summit, nothing will happen for the next 16 months anyway because positions will be given out, exchanged, swapping offices and essential its a move out and move in day, then we can start doing business.

Even the Postman stopped and asked me who I’m voting for as I was handing him my mail to be posted. This is top of mind topic that is looking for validation from whomever can get it. I don’t even know my postman that well, but he was engaging and I listened to what he had to say about health insurance assuming he is an expert. I listened to what he had to share because I was raised this way. Everyone has an opinion but we aren’t experts. One of our stylists at the salon will tell you whom she is for whether you like that person or not. By the time you leave the salon, she might have engaged you in a full out conversation because they feel strongly about their decision. I respect their decision if they had all of the information to make an informed decision.

The markets will shift up and down dramatically because nobody knows how the irrational emotions of the people will move the markets. Economists know and they don’t want to be so negative but we are in for a wild ride my friends. Make wise decisions on your investments, keep your money close and yes the results will eventually be that the US debt will be handed over to us, “the people”. As I’m sure you have experienced the marketplace insurance options, yes? I just got my “heads up” notice from Capital Blue Cross Blue Shield. They generously doubled my health insurance starting in January 2017. I get to enjoy paying for others that don’t take care of themselves and for the resounding catastrophic BS that I have to pay for because our country has zero savings, zero investments that are not paying us back. Similarly to a tenant that doesn’t pay his rent. Unfortunately, this puts undue stress on our public, middle class that is paying the bills for everyone else.

I’m ranting about this because the more I learn the more disgusted I am with how our country is run. We are operating on 1950’s pay compensation base that fails small business in many ways. We are rewarding people that don’t want to work more than 32 hours (they are so tired and don’t want to be like their parents that afforded them a lifestyle and that infamous word “entitlement”). According to the last report on productivity for our country, the average worker has decreased their average hours from 34 hours to 32 costing our country millions of non productivity that does not produce revenue or circulation of revenue in our country. Of course not, our average workers have to rest and they feel that if others can get away with not working why should they have to put the time in.

Here is my comment, you can suck the turnip dry. You have to contribute, we have to contribute to make this machine continue to churn. Things are not the way they used to be and yes, you have to take some of the people that are receiving the good ole’ Obama care handouts because they applied and got it. Yes, it’s time that we make every single person accountable for their portion of our contribution. That would make my day. By the time, I will be ready for retirement, I was told that by 2030, their will be zero retirement for me. Nice right? I worked my butt off creating jobs for others, currently we have a minimum 7 positions up for hair stylists that want a career, cutting and coloring hair full time. 3 day and 4 full time night shifts can be successfully providing food, roof ver your head and new clothes for the kids. Oh, yeah, you can actually have a balanced life working in our salon and make time for your kids, plus have a workout per day and save money. Call 717.846.4424 or email [email protected].

If you are complaining about what you don’t have maybe you ought to look in the mirror and ask yourself, what have I done to help others around me? what have I done today to make money with what I have? what have I done to make the customer’s life easier by what I did for them? These are some simple head conversations that set you apart from your local competition.

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