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Kimberly, the owner of Indulge Salon attends a brain seminar in Lancaster PA

Well, I couldn’t resist. I had to talk about this brain conference I went to in order to expand my knowledge on the brain. I have a personal fascination with it and what goes on with the brain. As most of you know, my son was shaken when he was eleven weeks old. He was born normal and shaken to stop from crying. After the shaking which was not intentionally only because his biological father didn’t know better, he became severely special needs meaning he needed 100% care for everything such as eating, drinking, diapering, etc.

The reason I brought this up is because I wouldn’t normally go out of my to attend a brain seminar. Since Carson was shaken, I had to study and understand the anatomy of the brain and how it relates to ones behavior emotionally and physically. One of the topics was relative as to why when we go on a diet we simply do not keep the weight off. Well, for good reason my friends. Weight management has always been a problem for most women. At the salon, we normally do not hear men talk about trying to lose weight. Hmpf.

Well, I was really fascinated with the content of this seminar. First of all I learned all about Dopamine which is released into the bloodstream when a person is first introduced to an activity because they are really looking forward to the activity or because of the intention of a reward. The instant gratificatiion is far more important to the person than the the end result. If the person does not continually think about the goal or end result they absolutely will go back to the relaxed snack eating, the binging, the “beating yourself up” over why you at that Hershey Golden Nugget. So you see you must replace the bad habits with consistently good habits until your brain “adjusts” to a normal level of satisfaction that you are comfortable with in your lifestyle. If you continue to try new diets than you will achieve a less than favorable result. As you start to see good results in your weight loss or satisfaction in your new lifestyle, then you will be able to keep the weight off..

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