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Educating new hair color techniques at Induge Salon, Greensboro, GA

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It’s been a whirlwind this week training our team at Indulge,  A Colour salon 180 from ordinary in Greensboro, GA. I flew in on Wednesday May 30th to a beautiful sunny day. I was waiting by the big Air Tran suitcase that is in the middle of the drive to pick up passengers feeling a slight breeze on my skin. It felt so good. I was excited to be training Shane Parrish and our newest stylist Rachel. Our goal was to provide a workshop covering the newest highlighting techniques that are out for summer. I was also reviewing our “special” techniques that we employ at all of our Indulge Salons. The end result was a very rewarding day with happy clients that received some new hair extensions that we call skin wefts. These new skin wefts are attached with a self adhesive on both the top and underneath the natural hair. These hair extensions are super easy to curl or blow dry and easy to maintain. Our client Ashley was super happy. We also did a really neat technique on Ashley that included a color process called breaking the base. What that means is that we lighten the natural regrowth (roots) color a little bit so the highlighted hair and the natural hair are not so contrasting and makes it easier on the pocketbook as far as maintenance. We then strategically placed some balayage highlights that look like they were handpainted in the front of her hair and added some new dimensional highlights throughout the top of her hair. She looked beautiful. She is even more confident and will probably have to sign a few autographs in order to get out of the building. She was a pleasure to spend time with while at the salon. This technque is great for the fast get away client that is always on the go.

Our other models were so much fun. I believe they are the life of a party when those girls show up. We did some really fun red violet and red brown mixed with blonde colors throughout her hair. She had a previous perm that she was gone but we found some curls to work with by using some texture mousse from Wella Sebastian. We also worked with her on some prep to prevent her old perm from getting frizzy with her old towel drying method. Here is  a trick for drying hair quickly:

Always towel blot NEVER rub the hair with a towel because it roughs up the outer layer of the hair called the cuticle. No its not the cuticle on your fingernail silly. It is the outside layer that looks similar to tree bark when placed under the microscope. We recommend that you squeeze the water out of the hair and keep pushing the curls up into the scalp which allows the water to be diminished and absorbed into the towels vs just being stretched by rubbing and roughed up.

Another gal was from Sweet Sensations at the Lake Oconee area in front of the Spotlight Theatre. Shane Parrish our manager LOVES their cherry cola and yes she puts really cherries on his soda just for him. She loved her hair because we covered some natural grey and down played a previous box color that was used. After we straightened out her natural color we placed some beautiful highlights throughout the top of the her head but not at the part line. the reason for this was to make sure she didn’t have high maintenanced hair every month. She loved the idea. Her hair made her look younger and actually complimented her skin better.

We had some African American women that had their hair multi-dimensional highlighting done on the mid shaft to the ends. We did a formula similar to Ombre color which really leaves a lasting impression on this woman. She looked beautiful. Her hair was interesting not boring. the colors she had were really active like her lifestyle.

Lastly, we had a client that works in a hospital and she had naturally curly hair. She wanted to have the volume without the frizz. We did a process called Brazilian Blowout. I had shown Shane some of my tricks to get the best result for our clients with this process. She was in the previous week for color which was perfect for her. This process even enhances the hair color when we applied the Brazilian Blowout treatment over top either the same day or days after because it encapsulates teh hair with the protein Acai Berry. She let us know that she received so many compliments on her hair. Thank you!!!

Thank you to my manager Shane Parrish in Georgia for doing a great job. Thank you Rachel for doing a great job with your haircuts and color. go to to see Shane’s photo and read about him..

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