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Are you Beach ready? check it out here….

It’s that time of year again at Indulge Salon, York PA. We ask you ARE YOU BEACH READY?

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try a full leg wax to be beach ready at Indulge Salon, York, PA

We have the beach ready checklist that includes:

  • underarms waxed?
  • highlighted hair two weeks before beach trip?
  • hair trimmed up?
  • bikini wax?
  • brazilian wax? this means everything goes down there!
  • Pureology Essential Repair Color Max packed in your beach bag to protect your hair color from sun damage.

try one of the brazilian full monty waxing at Indulge Salon, York PA or Greensboro, GA. We specialize in the hair removal in all areas of the body. We provide a smooth protected experience for the bikini waxing. Choose your shape from a “V” shape to a popular landing strip. We also provide the all or nothing experience where we will remove all of the hair down “there”. No need to feel embarassed. We aren’t. this is what we do and we take pride in the high quality experience for our customers. We also have products that make hair grow at a slower pace than normal. This service is best 3 days before you leave for the beach or your cruise. No need to worry about shaving and the ingrown hairs that sometimes will show up when you least expect it. The itchiness can feel uncontrollable when the hair starts to grow out from a shave. No more worries, this service lasts for a week or more depending on how fast your hair grows.

Some recommendations prior to service:

a. shower prior to our service to be fresh

b. allow the hair to grow about 1/4″ in length so that the wax will adhere to it

c. let the specialist know if you are sensitive in any areas

d. we will provide you with some bikini type of paper panties

e. we will have some slow growth products available for you to purchase before you leave.

f. schedule now so that you are stressed about getting in for your appointment.

Our special this month is a free eyebrow wax with a brazilian wax, bikini wax, full leg waxing until July 15th..

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