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Irritating ingrown hairs from shaving? Read this solution here…

Ingrown hairs can get infected. Are yours?

At Indulge Salon, York, Pa, we have waxed many clients that have received ingrown hairs from other salons, shaving situations and infected follicles from improper shaving or improper at home waxing techniques.

Indulge Salon is the go-to place to have the those ingrown hairs go away

What makes Indulge Salon a special place to have your brazilian waxing done or full body waxing done? We take the time to discuss the types of wax we use for different textures of hair. Sometimes it will be appropriate to use a soft hard wax for sensitive skin. Other times will warrant the blue metallica wax akin to getting rid of the  those short stubby hairs that don’t want to leave really need a hard wax that is superior to the soft waxes. The hard wax will take hold of the shorter hairs that can be stubborn.

Before we even get into the waxing treatment room, we will have  discussion on what you are looking for as a result of your waxing session. We take a look at the areas that are being discussed and the maintenance. We talk about beauty budget because if someone is not quite sure they want to have it done, cost may be a factor if they grow hair quickly.

Our technicians always sanitize the hands before we start on the areas that need waxed such as brazilian. You know that you like to touch and we won’t give bacteria a chance while we are in charge of your waxing session. We will evaluate the areas in question to get our game plan down because of the direction of the hairs and the type of wax used, we need to ensure we are removing your hair the best way possible to prevent ingrown hairs.

You see, ingrown hairs come from the hair growing out, turning around and could go back inside the hair follicle. Some of those hairs may become infected if they are not treated with care. Here are some suggestions to prevent ingrown hairs:

  1. wear clean panties daily. If you have cysts or pimples or ingrown hairs in the pubic area, wear white undies that are bleached and clean. The more frequent changes the better. the thongs could irritate a freshly waxed area. Colored dies in the panties could irritate the skin.
  2. no “indoor sports” after a waxing session, especially brazilian or the full undercarriage area. Prevents disease being spread and bacteria from all fluids Just save this for the next day.
  3. Use our Indulge Pure Originals Almond Milk and Honey Oatmeal Soap. This almond milk and honey oatmeal bar will gently exfoliate daily without feeling
    Almond milk and honey oatmeal  soap for ingrown hairs

    like you are tearing up the skin, or causing abrasions from over cleansing Over cleansing the skin will happen if you are trying to keep pimples or cysts at bay. Scrub in circles with the soap which help assist in lifting the individual hairs away from the original follicle.

  4. Use the dry brush before you step into the shower. The dry brush bristles are gentle enough to lift the hairs away from the follicle preventing the hair from growing back inside the hair follicle.
  5. The biggest prevention we have experienced with our clients is to use our Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter Bar. Basically it is a moisturizing lotion bar that will moisturize and soften the skin and the hairs therefore preventing them from ingrown hair status. We can say with certainty that when a client comes in with several ingrown hairs, we can get that reduced to zero usually but 1-2 from the first appointment to second appointment. We are happy for our clients that achieve these types of results.

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