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Indulge Body Butter Bars are moisturizing for ultra dry skin and wrinkles

Salon York PA Hey, I wanted to let everyone know that I have worked with a formulator to create the most intensive moisturizing body butter bar – well, I think it is. We reformulated 8 times since the inception. I know it’s been a hidden secret but I was so fustrated with the moisturizers that I’ve found out there in grocery stores, boutique stores from all over and still I didn’t feel like I was getting smooth creamy skin. I still felt dry and the moisturizer in the big tub that I paid 25.00 for laid on top of my skin.

EEK! This was not good for my wrinkes which I can’t believe is happening to me. So I decided that I would make my own to my own specifications. There are a variety of fragrances because each person has their own tastes. We have Cocoa butter which is the majority of the ingredient and smells like chocolate. OF course if you are trying to watch what you are eating you can wear it instead of eating it! The other fragrances are Coconut, Citrus, and Unfragranced. These are primarily made of Ultra highly refined cocoa butter and soy so the bar lasts longer but you still get amazing moisturizing properties that penetrate the skin while you are wet in the shower.

The coolest part is that I discovered, right before you hop out of the shower you need to make sure you have massaged the butter into your skin to get the full benefit. Hop out, the cool air hits yours skin and closes it up therefore giving you the benefits of holding the moisturizer in longer. Just pat dry. They have been available at either salon. Feel free to go in to experience the Indulge Body Butter Bar. Let me know what you think..

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