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High heels no matter how good they look are not intended for New York walking

Salon York PA A while ago, I got back from New York with mega blisters on top of the toes and the sides of myfeet. I totally believe in looking your best but seriously I need to reconsider my choice of shoes when doing business in the Big Apple. I left about 8:30a.m. thinking great I’ll get off the train at Penn Station and walk up in 95 degree heat to 5th Avenue. Sure, I say to myself. This walk will be no problem except after 3 blocks of traffic, people pushing into me and not saying excuse me and lastly my steps were getting shorter as I was squinching (is that a word? I made it up) my toes together in my open toed fabulous Tod shoes that had to be worn to make a statement. After 20 minutes of small step walking, I arrived at Guinot Building and took the elevator up to the 9th floor.

Air conditioning felt amazing as I gently walked into the suite. I couldn’t wait to sit down! The meeting was interesting. I met with some really terrific people at the Guinot office. The new Director of Marketing named Josee is really informed and is helping me deliver the best spa services available to our clients in York PA. She came on board about 3-4 weeks ago and I wanted to know where the company was going for the year. We always plan 1 year in advance so I thought this was reasonable. I met the owner of Guinot products and he gave me the most fabulous gift which was red nylon bag with a leather tab and leather handles. I took the wrap off that was protecting it and used it the rest of the day. I was forever grateful for a carry all. (Later on the shoes I was wearing went into the bag) I met with the general manager who was consumed with our financial progress and was more than helpful to set me straight for the next quarter. I’m sure you have experienced this in your business dealings right?

I had preplanned my day and after the morning meeting, I met one of my favorite people named Andrew. He is the owner of The Beauty Resource. He has also been my mentor for over 6 years and I have had the best fortune to have him as my friend. We met for lunch at this fabulous eatery call Italeatory. You want to talk about fantastic food. I’ve never seen such a clean place that serves up such beautiful organic food. Andrew and I shared some tomato soup that was delicious and I had fried vegetables. It was also an opportunity to give my precious feet a break! We caught up on some business and we moved on forward in the day.

My goal was to find some fabulous shoes to finish the rest of the walk to Penn Station. Do you think there would be one shoe store like Aldo or Nine West or anything else that comes to par with style. NO of course not. Not one flip flop store. Nothing. I removed my painful coverings and went barefoot. Yes I did. I know you are shocked but I had to to survive. At about 4:03 arriving onto the Amtrak train towards Lancaster my feet were able to breathe again and relax. Unfortunately, the blister atop my toe is 1/4″ high and ready to burst. The blisters on the sides already burst and are constant reminders of my day. I had a very productive day however; I will be rethinking my choice of shoes the next time I decide to manage my business in New York City. My feet will be propped up like a dead deer on the road. Straight up to drain the feet from being swollen..

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