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Glycerin soaps are non toxic and safe to use says Indulge Salon

Salon York PA What is glycerin soap?

It is thick, colorless, non-toxic liquid known for having a slightly sweet taste. Glycerin is the by product of soap-making and biodiesel production. Companies often extract glycerin during the process to use for higher end products. Glycerin soaps are available at Indulge Salon and have a light weight feel and have a beautiful aromatherapy sensory experience that envelopes you while showering. The bars last about 2-5 weeks depending on the use of the bar. The benefits of using glycerin soap are the humectant properties, which allow it to absorb moisture from the air, glycerine is used in skin emollients to keep skin supple. It also gives  beauty and pharmaceutical products the smooth teture and a sweetened taste. In the food industry, glycerin is used not only as a sweetner but as a food preservative as well. Interesting isn’t it?

glycerin is used in nail hardners to help strenghten the nails and nail moisturizers. I can share with you the Indulge Body Butters and Indulge Pure Originals does not have glycerin in them. We use almost the purest ingredients “almost” good enough to eat. We have cocoa butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, and a small amount of an ingredient in it that will prevent bacteria from growing inside the jar or lotion bottle. That little bit of ingredients is required by law to protect the customers since we don’t know where everyone’s hands have been and when the hand or fingers are inserted to extract product from the jar or lotion, it will prevent deterioration of the products.

Did you also know that glycerin topically reduces scarring and also helps to heal skin problems such as burns, bites, cuts, rashes, bedsores, and calluses.

I would recommend that you stop in to check out our soaps. We are so proud of these creations. They do not have strong fragrances but will enhance your own fragrance that you wear. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 717.846.4424. We are happy to provide you with any information you need to make the best decisions about products that you purchase from us.

Suggestion to keep your dry skin moisturized is to view the photo above and apply while your body is wet after washing and you are ready to hop out of the shower. Please pat dry with a dry towel and then massage any leftover into the skin and allow the air to pass over your skin to thoroughly dry. You will never have dry skin again after several uses. Enjoy!.

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