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Enjoy a Brazilian Blowout see testimonial on Indulge Salon York facebook

Salon York PA As seen on Facebook Julie Fabie on her Brazilian Blowout experience at Indulge SalonClient, Julie Fabie, of Indulge Salon received a Brazilian Blowout. She tells her story

See the testimonial by Julie Fabie on IndulgeSalon York facebook. She will tell you first hand how her experience has been. I am simply stunned with conversations with customers that do not know what they are talking about with Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment services.

The new Zero treatment is not as strong as the regular treatment and it is designed to smooth and defrizz the hair. It will not make the hair super stone straight unless the person has super fine hair. The results have been fantastic with our customers and you can listen to their comments on I am impressed with our results because all of our staff members have been thoroughly trained in this treatment. We stopped rinsing the hair afterward flat ironing it because we found that we can help our customers go from the original 8-12 weeks now are going to 15 weeks.

Call if you are interested  or have a question. We will be happy to answer your questions. Beware of other salons that have not had certification nor equipped to appropriately use the solution in the correct manner. Be afraid if you do not have enough ventilation while having the service. We always give a ballpark in how much the service will be without the haircut so if there is a beauty budget we try to honor that..

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