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Happy Thanksgiving from Indulge Salon York Pa

This is one of those days that I feel so grateful to have the people in my life that I do. Blessed is more like it.

I wonder….do you feel this way. When we get down and out thinking about what we don’t have like enough money (do

we ever have enough), new job after college,  new car, new house or living arrangements, most updated clothing, new furniture

new and more, more, more,  instead of being grateful for what we do have.

Indulge Salon Staff getting together at Heritage Hills

Tracy Behnke, Melissa McFadden, and Chasta Strouse staff at Indulge Salon getting together

Take a look around you to see the people that call you when you are down, hang out with you to keep you company,

people at work being supportive through the good times and bad times. Are you appreciative of the “real” friends that

tell you how it really is? Just because they love you. This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Giving of your heart, your time,

your best efforts to another.

As much hardship that I’ve been through, I still feel extremely grateful to be able to purchase food for Thanksgiving, make

cookies at leisure, have friends and family over to enjoy togetherness. I have great satisfaction that I’ve given my best to

everyone that comes into contact with me. I know what its like to go without.

I know some families are not able to do this due to loss of job, reduction in pay, reduction of hours or they just

have more month than income. I am sending out a heartfelt prayer to give you peace that times will be better.

For those grumpy people – try to be thankful for what you do have and give the rest of us a vacation from it.

Here is a good example of what I mean. My staff leaves early in the morning to come to work excited to start the

day working with haircolor, keratin treatments, balayage highlites and customizing haircuts to make our clients

days even better than when they walked in the door. Once in a while you get a “negative” person in your chair only

to realize that this person is not appreciating all of your efforts that you have trained hours to learn to give them

miracles with their hair. After about 30 haircuts, haircolor techniques, and blowdrying hair styling into a creation

that should win awards, the grumpy person just “hmmps” and goes on their merry way. We like thank you this looks

amazing or you just made my day, or that is the best its ever looked. We will be floating after you leave. Try it!

I’ve been reminded most recently by accident that how we look at things in one viewpoint may be totally off

base from another’s view so to speak. Try looking at things from others’ vantage point. You might discover its

a better view.

Here is your nice checklist to do at random this week:

1. open the door for someone else – actually race ahead to get the door to make it easier for another person

2. offer to pick up the tab for someones beverage “just because” its a nice thing to do

3. donate to a charity without being prompted and let it go emotionally without expecting something back.

4. call a relative or friend to wish them a good day. They may need this more than you did making the call.

5. listen to someone else’s problems instead of spouting out yours for a day. This is why God gave us 2 ears.

6. think about the holiday’s coming up to re-evaluate whether the holiday is buying more or the quality of being together.

7. think about what you can do to make a positive impact on another person’s life with you in it! You are unique.

May God Bless you and your family.

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  1. Gus Carpio says:

    read your post and i liked it. you are a strong person stay positive and see you at prs. Auff be good and God bless.