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The perfect stocking stuffers|Indulge Salon York Pa

It gets crazy around the holidays and we have a couple of solutions for you at Indulge Salon. If you are looking to grab a gift card for that special someone in your life this is it!

Our gift cards are universal for all of our salons. You may use the for haircuts, haircolor, highlighting, products, facials, waxing, pedicures and manicures. We pride ourselves on givin you the best service possible.

IndulgePure Originals is our specialized product line for dry skin. My favorite product is the Indulge Pure Originals Egyptian Musk with a hint of Citrus body

Indulge Pure Originals Egyptian Musk body cream

Indulge Salon York Pa, Indulge Pure Originals Egyptian-Musk- body cream

moisturizer. This body cream is designed to moisturize applied to warm damp skin then towel dry. The cream lasts all day. Its almost 100% pure and ALMOST pure enough to eat. Gluten free and lasts a long time. Can be used daily or multiple times. One of the most special treats is the fragrance warms and “blooms” when you are stressed during the day giving you a comfortable cozy feeling. The fragrances are not overwhelming. Men love this particular fragrance or so I’ve been told.

Other fragrances we carry at our locations are:

  • Love – smells more floral like Victoria Secret
  • Tropical Coconut – island tropics anyone
  • Clean – smells like clean laundry
  • Blossom – evokes fresh flowers
  • Citrus – this is more fresh and clean

check out other products we offer for stocking stuffers:

All of our gifts are packaged and prepared for you. Call any of our locations 717.846.4424 or 706.999.9911

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