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Gentle solutions for aging skin at Indulge Salon York PA

Guinot Beaute Neuve Peel Facial Treatment watch video here

We have been introducing multiple new treatments to remedy or let’s say reduce the activities of our aging skin with chemical peels. We have a variety of these lesser strength to maximum strength chemical peels or called skin peels that will chemically shed off the top layer of your skin revealing the youthful skin underneath.

I find these chemical skin peels are so amazing because the majority are done with fruit acids and no you can’t just peel off an orange and run it over your face. If it were only that easy I would have tried it long ago. With the elements effecting our skin and of course the amounts of undue stress we are undergoing with the concern of “fiscal cliff” that we are headed for at the end of the year, holiday shopping for the kids, and for the spouse that has everything but loves golf and has every item in Golf Digest. Right.

That little block of time that we leave ourselves is so an efficient time to pop in for a chemical peel at our salon on South George Street, York PA. The skin peels are in differing degrees of strength as I said which can just sting a little in the beginning and not peel at all but make your face so tight for parties and those favorite relatives that are oh so critical of you that you will do nothing but make them jealous. The stronger chemical peels can be done at least one week before your event because you will peel some more than others. Your face will look tighter, brighter and the infused vitamins and ingredients in the peel will do wonders for the glow. All of the makeup you choose to wear on your skin for the party will look 10X better than if you didn’t have a chemical skin peel. I know because I had it done several times with fantastic results. I had a chemical peel called the Kojic Clay and it stung at first but my skin looked so tight you could feel the difference immediately without peeling. I was so used to the stronger peels that I was concerned it didn’t work. Priscilla our skin care expert on location indicated to me that I was just fine and to keep on looking beautiful. I said ok and moved on with my day. My customers really noticed that I looked different but they couldn’t put their finger on what the difference was except that I looked better. This peel minimized the small lines around my eyes and this time I noticed that the wrinkles that started around my lips are minimized too. Check out the page to see my photos on the right hand side.

Call Priscilla if you are interested in having a conversation about your skin and what you can do to improve it. She is always going to trade shows, reading up on the latest skin treatments that are available to salons. We are proud of what we offer and the results that we continue to get with our clients skin.

If you would like to have a FREE sample of our Guinot skin moisturizer for anti-aging, click on contact us at our website and notify me with your name, address, phone number so that I can send you a sample. FREE

Holiday Special Packages until December 24th.

Purchase 12 facial treatments for 15%  off to improve your skin by brightening and toning. When you purchase these facial treatments, you will receive a variety of treatments so that your skin will not become accustomed to the same treatment that could be done every time. Varying chemical peels, aromatic facials, stronger peels such as the Pumpkin Peptide Peel, the Apple Wine Peel, and the to top off these amazing treatments, we will introduce you to pulling up the muscle underneath your skin to really make you look like you had a face lift without a face lift by performing the Hydrodermie Lift with Collagen to plump and firm all at once..

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