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Have you tried the Indulge Pure Originals Lotion for dry skin yet?

Salon York PA

Our model is applying the light Indulge Pure Original Lotion to her shoulder and all over her body for a moisturizing experience

I can only share with you the amazing results from grass rooting the product line Indule Pure Originals since February 2010. I had really dry skin that used to be so itchy that I used one of those old fashioned rollers that had the grippers on so the hair would stick to them when they were rolled into the hair for a hair set. Well, sometimes I would scratch my ankles, yes that’s how dry I was till they bled. Then those dry areas became painful. I endured. During those years, I would try the expensive body moisturizers and lotions for dry skin. Nothing worked. I spent tons of money on inexpensive that said that it would cure the dry skin only to find out the chemicals made it worse. I couldn’t take it any more. I knew of someone that had formulated some terrific products and we had formed a relationship around understanding the makeup of creams and lotins. After we had spent some time together and I had experimented with the creams that started to moisturize my skin all over we came up with Indule Pure Originals creams and lotions. I am happy to say that I have never had dry skin again and proud to offer this at Indulge salon, York PA.

We have many of our customers saying happy things that they no longer have dry skin and the love the fragrance of them. I am impressed with the formulations that are not sticky or greasy. Now, I have to say in the beginning when we were working with the consistency I almost slid off the couch with the one tester. But, I will still moisturized.

As I said before, they are not greasy nor do they buildup on your skin. They are as pure as they can be to the point that you could almost eat them but we do not recommend it since we are required by law to have an itty bitty ingredient in there that has to kill bacteria. Just in case you touched the counter and then put your fingers into the jar to protect you and everyone else. go to click on products and scroll to Indulge Pure Originals for more information and purchasing.

If you get a chance, stop by our salons and try the Indulge Pure Originals creams and lotions in a variety of fragrances. We also have lotion for those that cannot have fragrance of any type in their lotions for sensitive people. We know how sensitive you are and we respect that. The prices vary from a 2 oz 5.95 to 42.95 for a 6.7 oz jar of luxury inside to moisturize your body and hands. Let me know how these work for you. We are proud of our products and appreciate the feedback anytime. the fragrances come in Egyptian Musk with Citrus (very sexy), Citrus (fresh), and Tropical Coconut (like the islands) and many more. Come sample..

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