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Full Moon affects behaviors in humans

Does the full moon affect human behavior?

My colleagues and I have been tracking the “weirdness” that brings out the best of them around this time. I said to my coworkers today, “hey, can you check the full moon schedule? It feels a little off in here today with the way people are acting.”

Sure enough, spot on with the feeling. Big ole’ moon blinking out at me tonight. After today, I just don’t know what to say. Do you remember that movie called Impulse? If you don’t, here is how it goes. the actors were able to do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted without the reprecussions of their behavior. Behavior such as plowing into someone’s car because you didn’t like their driving. Another is yelling at someone without filter, just irrational non thinking behavior, impulsive.

This is what we had to manage in our day today. People just don’t think about how they act in front of others. It doesn’t matter what age, its just agressive, non mannerly people trying to push others around to get their way, no manners interrupting while others talk, I mean peoples’ behaviors hit an all time high today.

All I”m saying is there is truth to the moon situation that the natural elements cause people to act not so normal. Crazy “loco” is the word I would use today.

I need all of us to remember that we as human beings are not computers per se. We all have feelings, we all strive to be our best (well, most of us), we all work together in this big world to make it better. I was projecting there. We need to be patient and respectful of others’ property, respectful of feelings, respect means you just buy or take things that aren’t yours without expecting some kind of fall out from the person that you are taking from.

Whatever happened to giving without expecting anything in return? Whatever happened to helping someone without expecting someone in return? How about making your little part of the world better for the next person coming in after you? Truly, we should expect the best for ourselves while knowing we made it easier for someone else today.

Patience is a gift that you give yourself and others. Kindness is about actually caring about another person instead of always thinking of whats in it for me. What you put out there is what comes back to you tenfold. Being honest is also a characteristic that is admired these days. Can I just say that I’ve run into many people who blantantly lie to my face and they believe their lies! I cannot participate with people like this. I was always taught to treat others better than you treat yourself. I adhered to that rule in our family.

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