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See hair transformation from frizzy curl to smooth

Frizzy curly hair magically turned into a manageable hairstyle with Brazilian Blowout!

9 year old can now style her hair by herself

Our special client Grace came in for some special treatment today. It’s a few days before her first day of 4th grade at Dallastown middle school in Dallastown, Pa. Remember how you were on your first day? Concerned what you look like, what you are going to wear, meeting new people, etc. Our new friend Grace has naturally frizzy curly unruly hair that was very hard to manage.

When I met Grace, she was hanging out in the waiting room for her step mom. I said to her step mom who is really an amazing person, that I could help her daughter with managing her curly frizzy  hair. She took us up on that offer.

Today was no different for our new friend Grace. She came in with

Before Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment

BEFORE – frizzy curl hair

frizzy curl hair that was recently cut short at another salon. She was afraid of the flat iron based on a previus experience at home. Like many of us at some point, the curling or flat iron got a little close to the skin and bam, a little burning experience. We have all been there. She was nervous, afraid, and not sure if this was going to work for her because she told us she liked her curls and was not sure about the flat iron heat close to her scalp. We understood.

Her stylist Alex T spent some time explaining the process of our Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment. Alex talked about the benefits of the amino acids that actually protect the outside layer of the hair along with protecting the inside of the hair. She explained that the Brazilian Blowout is safe plus it would make her hair feel silky soft. Grace allowed us the opportunity to perform the service on her bangs and along the side of her face where she was super curly in addition to being frizzy. Once her bangs were smoothed and straightened, Grace was all in for the rest of her hair. Check out the photos of the before and after of today’s hair transformation form frizzy curly rebellious hair to smooth and silky manageable hair.

At Indulge Salon, York Pa or Greensboro, Ga, we will always take the time to explain the pro’s and con’s of having your hair straightened with the Brazilian Blowout treatments. These Keratin treatments truly are a miracle for the frizziest, curliest types of coarse hair. But did you know that these treatments can be used on baby fine hair to thicken the actual strand? Yes, we do. Fine hair can just blow around causing the person to be self conscious. Our Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment can be used the following ways:

AFTER Brazilian Blowout keratin Treatment

AFTER Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment

  • to reduce bulk to the hair
  • defrizz the thick coarser textures of hair
  • make fine hair thicker instantle
  • smooth curly frizzy hair from any lengths

After receiving a brazilian blowout keratin treatment, the hair texture changes because the cuticle (outside layer of the hair) has a smoother texture. Just as our special client Grace has to learn to how to manage her new style with different brush sizes, products to make it fuller in some areas or how to blow dry the style in general.

We offer blow dry workshops that are 30 minutes in length to help teach someone how to style their hair. As you can see how happy our client Grace is with her new hairstyle that is smooth and non frizzy. We wish you the best at school this year!

Learning how to manage her own hair

Learning how to manage her own hairstyle.

brazilian blowout keratin treatment

AFTER brazilian blowout Keratin treatment

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