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Are your feet talking to you? Find out what…..

your feet are really saying to you!Salon York PA

If your feet are dry and cracked, this may mean that you are standing on your feet to long  causing pressure points that the skin has built up some calluses to protect your body. Try soaking them in epsom salts if you don’t have time for a pedicure. This is the next best situation. The magnesium sulfate helps give them relief.

Your feet deserve to be pampered since they work hard all day to keep you upright and for some of you withstand the hard pounding of running on pavement without the cushion. Some stand all day in the same spot rubbing those piggy toes against the inside of your shoes or better yet standing in high heels that scream for relief!

Imagine being trapped inside a shoe with so much moisture that fungus starts to grow. I know this is gross but true. This can happen with individuals that need the support hose for strength during the work day. Let the tooties breathe in the fresh hair and air out your shoes overnight and give those toes a break. You can use anti-bacterial solution on the toes to fight fungus. If you start to see green then you need to see a Podiatrist closest to you in order to care for that fungus in your toenails. That condition can become serious enough that you could lose a toenail or certainly spreads to the rest of your family of toes. The medication is expensive and sometimes if the fungus has gone to far it will not be easily gone in a few weeks. So let’s prevent some problems shall we?

Better yet, try one of our newer pedicure offerings at Indulge, A Color salon 180 from ordinary on South George Street. We have a variety of pedicures that really cure the achy breaky feet. The bottom of the heels especially will be soaking in a mint solution that will help give a refreshing feeling to help invigorate those tired legs. Followed by a nice shaping and clipping of the toenails and sloughing off of the dead dry skin on the legs that has accumulated over the winter months allowing a fresh smooth appearance to emerge on the skin making your legs glow. The build up of calluses will be handled expertly by our specialists that know how to remove it.

 You will be offered the opportunity to add a reflexology pedicure treatment to your pedicure service that will reach to your nervous system to help relax the stress right out of your body. I have never seen so many people come out of the pedicure service looking like they were drugged with sleep. Go to this link to learn more, and scroll down to nail services. They come over to me to tell me how relaxing the experience was and that they have never felt anything like it before.

One of our clients said this:

I have had back problems for years never felt so good as I did after my Reflexology treatment. I recommend anyone that is stressed out to try this.

Susan, York, Pa

If the sides of big toe nail are red and puffy, you might be suffering from an ingrown toenail conditioner. We recommend that you either go to a Podiatrist to have that looked at because this can be infected and cause you worse problems. Truly you can’t mess with your feet. We service many male customers and we see this condition often. With a monthly maintenance with spa pedicures, this help remedy this problem and our golfers, doctors, and runners really appreciate that they do not have to maintain their feet for themselves like we and they feel much better after our pedicures. We have drained the stress from their bodies and mentally they are given a break from their worries. Our pedicures are done in a private section of our salon to give total privacy to relax the mind. Give us a call, we work Monday through Saturday 8-5 on Monday and 8-9 through the week and Saturday’s 8-3. call 717.846.4424 this week we are running a special on our Reflexology Pedicures with Tinker. She has worked in Baltimore for about 20 years and she loves doing these services. With every Reflexology Pedicure (1 hour) 65.00 receive a free manicure, 15.00 until July 31st. Enjoy. Contact us soon because we have a limited amount of openings to take you.


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