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Natural looking human hair extensions, are they for you?

Salon York PA

Have you ever fantisized about having long hair like the models in the magazines?

 Lying on your shoulders with big loose curls that look sexy. Enhanced by highlights that look like the sun did it such as the balayage and new ombre techniques.


Salon York PA

Dr Rebecca Yount wanting long hair

 “I came to the salon and was fortunate enough to have Kimberly work with me on Tuesday, December 27. All I can say is that I now look like I have always felt. Kimberly quickly assessed my needs, both in terms of the damage that had been done to my hair and a style that would be flattering and appropriate–but also in terms of my personality and lifestyle. I love my hair, including the color, condition, length, and haircut. Kimberly and all the staff were friendly, professional, and made the 6 hours go by in a flash! She has a great business philosophy which shows in the pleasant and satisfied attitude of the people who work in the salon. As a psychologist who testifies in court, it is important that I look my best–and this is the best I have ever looked. I absolutely love what you have done. Thank you so much!” – Dr. Rebecca Yount


You can have these long haired looks and styles within 1-4 hours depending on the type of hair extensions you choose. At Indulge Salon, we carry Tape in hair extensions that come with a self adhesive that is pretty strong on one side that can be used along but won’t last as long or we use a special technique that makes the hair look so natural. We apply these directly to the hair nearest the scalp and presto you have long hair. I know it sounds easy but here is where it gets tricky and you need the expertise of a professional like us at Indulge. If you don’t know where to put them to make them look natural and just stick them in, they might get clumpy, they might bunch up in the wrong areas, they might not look even either. Our expertise will spread them out in the strategic areas that are more balanced for your skull and for you style that makes your NEW long hair look good.

The maintenance on this type of extension is pretty easy and low maintenance as long as you follow the directions we give you. We will sure up the edges with some special adhesive that only we use and we will have you come in every four weeks to recolor your hair to maintain your colored hair without damaging your hair extensions. This can happen and you don’t want to waste your money on the fantastic extra long hair locks when color is done correctly. We do charge extra for haircolor maintenance because we have to be very careful not to interrupt the hair extension position.

The first timer that experiences tape in hair extensions usually uses to much water and conditioner. The conditioner doesn’t belong on the scalp, apply it only on the middle of the hair towards the ends of the hair to make the hair easy to detangle. We certainly recommend a little but not a lot. If this would occurr and some of those extensions come out, we will put them right back in for you for a nominal charge.

Most of the tape in hair extensions will last up to 3 months or more if taken care of. We have a great long standing history for some of our extension clients. They don’t like to reveal who they are but have told us that they enjoy curling their hair with curling irons and they can wear them straight if they like. They have never felt better and more sexier in their lives. They are so appreciative to live their dream of having longer hair that they were never able to have all of their life.

If you are interested in more information you can go to to read about the process and more about the application of them. We other varieties if you are curious – read on! Feel free to contact us at 717.846.4424 to see if they are right for you.




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