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The NEW Grays

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the NEW GRAY hair

Gray hair has been the hottest trend this season. From darkest gray to lightest platinum and all of it between, we are seriously enjoying this season.

Along with clients asking us to strip out their natural color, colored hair, box colored hair and highlighted hair to make the into a platinum blonde doesn’t come without challenges. This is why I’m writing this article tonight.

Gray hair is the absence of pigment. MOST OF THE TIME. Gray hair can fool a stylist when it turns yellow. When we are faced with the option of going gray with clients, we tell them most of the clients want to get rid of their gray because they feel old. The newest generation of trend setters tell me, get rid of the natural color I want to see what I look like with gray hair. We talk about skin tone, we talk about makeup changes that will compliment your new hair color.

During the consultation, we discuss the maintenance of your hair NEW GRAY haircolor. Every 4 weeks you will either have to have your roots touched up or a color balance to maintain the pretty tones of the gray colors we chose together. Remember, the NEW GRAY hair may have had dimensional tones to give your skin tone the best look with some lighter pieces and some darker pieces.

On our client, Amy Harlacker, she loves to change out her haircolor frequently every

THE NEW GRAY hair textured, Indulge Salon York Pa, Best hair salon york pa

The NEW GRAY textured colors

four weeks. We pre-lighten her hair to a very pale blonde that has to be lifted just right without damage. As a specialist and authority in highlighting and hair color correction,  I used 3 different tones of gray hair color to make this look like one color. I did the base color one type of gray, the middle of the hair with a special techniqe and lastly a third gray hair color to give the shine on the ends with a slight violet tone. All of our haircolor has shine pigment in it and durable lasting pigments in the color without the weight or opaqueness that can come with certain color lines.

At Indulge Salon, we have special additives that we can place inside the color that acts like a honeycomb. Pretty cool huh? When we add this additive, we can actually place different color tones right on top of each other without compromising the other color to prevent what we call bleeding or blending within the other color. Each of these colors are entirely separate of each other when I use this additive.

As you can see on Amy Harlacker, there is no beginning on ending line of highlights because they all meld into each other. Very difficult to do but love the end result. She drives 5 hours to have her hair done. We love her! Thanks for making us look good Amy!

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