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Stumped at the lip stand? Buying a lip color just to try it on later and realize it doesn’t suit you is frustrating! Fortunately, Indulge has the guide to help you color your lips correctly All skin tones are equally beautiful and deserve a lip color that will give their skin the pop it craves. STEP ONE: ​analyze your skin tone; are you light, medium, or dark? STEP TWO:​ check […]

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Peco Interview – Now introducing Fred “Peco” Wainwright! Peco is our newest team member Q: How long have you been doing hair? A: 12 years in the salon, and 15 years beginning from high school. Q: Before you did hair, what did you do? What’s your background? A: Pre-hair life I’m a comic book nerd and a jock. I played football before which carried into college. Q: What type of […]

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Many of us have a drawer or container full of lip shades ranging from light nudes to deep colors. We don’t have to limit ourselves to wearing just one shade – we can blend them! Two of my favorite Glo Skin Beauty lip colors is the Glo Skin Beauty Cream Glaze Crayon in Chiffon, and the Glo Skin Beauty Lipstick in Fixation. The Cream Glaze Crayons are perfect because they […]

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