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Not all moisturizers are created equal says owner of Indulge Salon, York PA

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When using the Indulge Pure Originals moisturizing cream or lotions, it is best used immediately after a warm bath or shower while skin is still damp with water. Hold the Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter Bar under the warm water for a second to soften it and glide it onto the warm skin for best results. Pat dry.

From Dr. Oz moisturizers and the skin

I watched this video and I thought you might find it interesting like I did. This recaptures the thoughts I had when I was searching out the best moisturizers to cure my intense dry skin. I didn’t flake, it was just itchy and dry. It could have been some stress related skin condition too, however; I did not have it treated.

As I said, not all moisturizers are created equal. Most brands that smell really great to you are not necessarily good for your skin. If you take a look at the back of the jar, you might find that most of the chemicals are at the beginning and the real ingredients at the ends and their wouldn’t be many moisturizers until the end. So beware.  Our moisturizers in the Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter bars are almost pure enough to eat. They are designed to be used in the shower or warm bath or after the bath while the skin is still moist. The amount of seconds that it takes for the skin to close is seconds. Within this in mind, I found that holding the Pure Originals Body Butter bar under warm water for a few seconds allows the bar to soften enough to provide a smooth glide over the skin. It actually will penetrate the top layer of skin keeping it soft and supple therefore, keeping the natural moisture of the skin inside of the light barrier. Then pat dry with a towel and you will have moist non itchy skin all day.

Another advantage of having an efficient Indulge Pure Originals Body Butter Bar is that the skin is more flexible than tight dry skin. Don’t confuse the tight part being ok on the body because it’s not. Our bodies require moisture to move and flex in the skin. The skin stretches about nine feet when fully stretched out. There is a bit of trivia for you my friends. Weird how those thoughts just pop into the head when you need them. Random but appropriate for this topic.

Our bodies will renew the skin cells every 8 years inside and out. Think about this when you are drinking water and replenishing your healthy fluids every day. You are giving your body a gift with all of the water and excerise that you give it on a daily basis added with some positive thoughts to keep you mentally healthy.

My daughter sent this to me via text, I thought you might enjoy it today.

Today is a brand new day

A fresh start

Replace any negativity with positivity


Drink lots of water

Fill your body with fuel

Healthy is happy

Inspire Yourself


Salon York PA

we were in Georgia at the fireworks display for the first time with Carson. Alex was enjoying Carson giggle and being excited by the whistles and fire crackers. This is one of my favorite photos of my children.




Go for a run

Do some sit ups (try)

Give someone a compliment

Make a new friend

Tell yourself you are


Spread love

be kind andcreate good karma

take chances


I think this is awesome advice. Have a colourful day!.

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