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NEW treatments for frizzy unruly hair

Brazilian blowout used on double processed hair

courtesy Brazilian Blowout model of double processed hair protected by Brazilian Blowout

Is your salon updated on NEW treatments to smooth unruly frizzy hair?

Over processed hair? We have a B3 treatment for you!

Need conditioning at a deeper level? We have a B3 Demi permanent treatment that will be like putting a gloss on your hair that gives shine and lasts up to 6 weeks.  OR

Try the regular Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Treatment to protect double processed colored hair. This product I saw with my own eyes applied to the limp over processed hair, then the hair was blown dry then the hair was flat ironed. After the hair is processed and flat ironed, we are now taught to rinse the hair. After the hair is rinsed then style as recommended.

Results were nothing short of a miracle. the hair felt stronger. I could feel such a big difference in the hair since I just colored the hair the day before and blew it dry. The hair texture had changed to more smoothness versus a rough texture.

The Brazilian Blowout treatment will smooth the cuticle of the hair resulting in healthier, light weight and shiny hair.

There are alternatives to the types of Brazilian Blowout treatments starting with the original Brazilian Blowout. This type of treatment does NOT have keratin in it. This type of treatment has Camu Camu, Acai Berry are two of the super nutrient ingredients that are included in the amino acids that bind to the outside of the hair. What this means is that if you imagine pot holes in the road that are deep when you drive over them, your car will lean and then go upright. This is similar analogy to hair. If the hair has breakage or holes in it then the Brazilian Blowout will fill in the holes which is sealed by the flat iron creating a solid surface that makes the hair shiny. This treatment last about 12 – 15 weeks. Using the Brazilian products will help support your longstanding treatment. This is one of the most transformational treatments.

The Brazilian blowout can be adjusted with the type of curl you have or want to have. If you have the tighter curl the treatment will be customized to the wave without the frizz. The possibility of having the brazilian blowout can afford you the opportunity to still wear your hair curly or wavy just without the unruly frizz that comes with tighter curls.

Curly to smooth and defrizzed with Brazilian Blowout -

courtesy of Brazilian Blowout results

Tight curls such as mixed textures especially African American hair that has the tightest curls that cushion at the scalp can be challenging for all parties.

This type of texture is hard to manage and usually is cut off, boxed braids or regular blow drying at a salon but misses the beautiful opportunity of having smooth hair. We can provide one of the types of treatments instead of going with a relaxer to keep some of the curl but allows the bulk of the hair to be:

  1. moisturized with the amino acids decreasing rough texture to a smooth texture allowing the brush to go through without tearing out the hair
  2. reduces bulk of the hair at the scalp and throughout mid length and ends
  3. blow drying is faster
  4. cumulative affects after continuing use

The results are nothing short of amazing once the treatment is completed. We will instruct how to manage your hair from that day forward to keep the results that you had achieved. We highly recommend continuing 4x per year. If you decide that you want to go back to your natural look, you just stop having the treatments done every 12 -15 weeks because it will have worn off. The hair is not altered permanently it will gradually wear off the more frequently the hair is shampooed without the supernutrients or follow up maintenance products used. If the hair is exposed to products that are non sulfate free plus strips the hair of vital nutrients, the brazilian blowout smoothing treatment will not be in the hair as we suggest.

If you are interested in having your hair free of unruly frizzy hair, contact us at 717.846.4424. Check out more information at our page

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