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Example from Pinterest Michael Pitthairstyle with the disconnected clipper cut and longer on top

Example from Pinterest Michael Pitthairstyle with the disconnected clipper cut and longer on top

Barbering is an art, a passion for the stylist that enjoys creating the perfect line, scissor over comb methods, and clipper cutting at its finest. At Indulge Salon, York Pa, we specialize in the art of haircutting whether its a french haircut that is designed to customize the haircut to your faceshape and lifestyle. The art of barbering has been a focus in the media focusing on the precision clipper cut from skin to hair drafting looks that scream your style.

This summer season is all about the plished male. “men today aren’t afriad to mix up their looks,” Rocky Vitelli says. “many are keeping their hair loger to allow for the versatility. The typical man is okay slicking back his hair one day and pumping it up into a pompadour the next. He is spending more time on his hair and having fun playing with the shape. There is no longer that cookie-cutter hairstyle just like there is no longer a cookie-cutter suit. It’s okay for a man today to want to be fashionable and to have as much freedom with his hairstyle as with his fashio.”

The past few months, we have been perfecting some of the modern men styles that showcase the longer versatile lengths on top with the sheared skin to clipper cut hair that is disconnected longer hairs on top without the blending as soon in the photo, allowing movability for guys. These looks reflect the modern male that excudes style such as our very own Zachary who is albeit a celebrity in York, Pa. Our own stylists love the precision of customizing so close without shaving the head and manizing the  vintage feel.

I’ve been told that my clipper cuts and styles have been the best they have ever had. Even my ex-husband said I had given him the best haircut and had to search out someone else to cut his hair which has taken years to find someone that matched my skills. Hey, “you lose a wife and a great barber, what can I say,” Funny how they mention this when you have to get together at the family gatherings. Although, I really appreciated the compliment. He has hair that is more of the army style (retired Army) now grown out to a more modern look.

Even though guys prefer the shorter crops, haircolor is still prevalent and part of complimenting your haircut with the newer highlights such as balayage which is a hand painted technique giving a natural look. The good thing about these hair color techniques for men that they can be done quickly and easily. The absolute non-negotiable is that all male haircolor has to look natural. Nobody wants the black shoe polish Elvis or orange color that comes from over depositing color that has faded off.

Guys want two things in haircolor – gray coverage that blends or covers with a 2-3 week maintenance or highlights that blend or camoflage gray hair. Now a days with the newest haircolor technology we can use these newer products that blend without sacrificing the integrity of the hair and without the black shoe polish shade.

Guys, keep these tips in mind:

1. never have to many highlights that look fake and unattractive.

2. don’t go to far with the color from your natural color – will look fake

3. balayage highlights look more natural with mimum grow out over a few weeks.

4. ask for a style that you can use your fingertips vs the brush that creates fluff!

5. communicate to your stylist by bringing photos off Pinterest or anything that inspires you.

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