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Balayage highlighting is it for you?

Balayage Highlighting is it really for you?

Do you know what Balayage highlighting, ombre’ highlighting, Freelights handpainting, copacabana highlights and more can be confusing.  Just not sure which is right for you? Read on….

Here is a few of our favorite explanations which will clear up the misconceptions for you. The first to cover is FREELIGHTS handpainting which is a version of balayage. It was created in France with the creativity of passionate artists that handpainted highlights onto the strands of hair creating an airy feel that looked natural and sunkissed.Tthe FREELIGHTS version is an off shoot from Wella professionals that have created a product made of a clay base which easily spreads but stays put. The strands can be thick or thin depending on the look that you are going for.

Our favorite balayage highlighting technique is the handpainted natural look as shown in this image courtesy of Loreal Professionele. These are thicker handpainted highlights that take some finesse in application from top to bottom. It looks easier than it is. I train all of my staff on these techniques in order for us to deliver consistent results time after time. The hardest part is the maintenance of these techniques so that they don’t look over done when growing out. We prevent overlapping of color which can break the hair off at the point of many bleachings time after time at the same spot. Having a professional provide this service that has many years of experience is essential to your balayage success. Balayage is designed to look very natural fine pieces at the top with zero lines of demarcation such as a foiled highlight. Balayage can be done with a partial and full highlights.

Ombre’ highlights are designed to have the majority of the color dark at the top which diffuses to a lighter color mid length to ends with either a slightly lighter color or a very light color. Again, the result from a professional will give you a blended and diffused effect vs the line from an inexperienced hairstylist. Still wanting some darker pieces intertwined into the lighter pieces is possible but has to be done separately and will require more time.

Keep in mind when having your balayage services done that we have to consider the type of hair, texture of your hair, the hair color that was done previously before we start any service. We will talk about the price of your color whether its done on colored hair or natural hair. We will have to consider this before we even start. If you have a budget for your highlights please talk with our stylists about this before we start our consultation. We aim to please and want to be respectful of what you can financially manage from your first appointment to on going appointments. Our haircuts are not included.

Time for the appointment? this is a frequently asked question that we often answer with regards to the length and thickness of your hair. the longer and thicker will take longer because of the penetration of the product we use for you, previous color used and the overall look you are trying to achieve. Please all about 1 – 3 hours depending on how light you want to go with your hair. Feel free to set up a consultation to be more exact on time and price. Call 717.846.4424.

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