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Look who is sporting current haircolor at the Golden Globes?

Diane Keaton accepts award

Diane Keaton on Stage Golden Globes - P 2014

This is the epitome of a successfully empowered woman, celebrity and mother. Her hair looked so current with the silver and white highlights and lowlights. She is the best in her man suit! Go for it.

I had to comment and give Diane Keaton the space she deserves on my blog! What a great example of feminine power in her tuxedo and tie. Did you notice that her nails are fashioned in black, white, and gray colors? Her hair is the epitome of high style fashion in with the white platinum and silver twining through it. The length is perfect for her and her “look” for the evening that she prestigiously accepted for Woody Allen.

Kudos to her stylist for taking her on the edge. Not all women want to give into the color that we associated with gray and old, however; Diane took the challenge in front of the world with a pow! She looks better now than in her blonde shades. Thanks Diane!

To read more about her go here: The Hollywood Reporter

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