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Indulge Salon keeps up to date with hair color trends

Heads up!

February 3, 2014, we are hosting a Wella hair color trend class at Indulge Salon on South George Street. For all of those clients that we serve, you know who you are, we are happy to announce that we are enjoying another Wella hair class from 10:00 – 1:00 p.m. You ask what do we do during a class like this?

1. we are shown what the trends that are emerging are in haircutting and coloring for Spring.

2. we actually work on mannequins to practice these new hair techniques. Believe me the mannequins do not complain or talk about nor do they give an opinion if you cut to much off their plastic heads.

3. we practice the new haircoloring techniques on them!

As a salon owner, I have to keep up with the trends. My staff and clients expect it. We enjoy brining a new flair for hair or a new cut that will enhance their appearance, bring out their eyes or another of their favorite feature. We also discuss their lifestyle to see what they can manage at home with minimal products. We never like overloading our clients with products. Only what they need to bring their new hairstyle come alive. We will always talk about the recommended hair brushes to help you style your new look. This is part of what we do at the salon before we actually perform miracles on your hair and after we are finished the cut.

If you want to bring in new pictures of what you like and don’t like this is a good idea. Visuals are so important to help communicate what your end result will be for you this 2014. If you are interested in a new haircut or hair color, call 717.846.4424

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