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January 2016 is trending natural highlights

2016 is showing mega highlights for blondes and brunettes this season in a  transformative way with blending techniques that are “must have’s” this season.

One of the favorite color change is just adding a color balance  shine with a little bit of tone to spruce up an older highlight that seemed to dull out over the months. Turn a brassy blonde to a soft pastel blonde. This is a great little boost when our wallets are not quite as full as before the holidays. Your hair will look like it had newer highlights with just a boost.

Usually we will add some gold to the color to reflect the light appearing to be brighter. Remember all ash tones will make the color look at least a level darker and deeper in tone. Especially if you want to cut out the orange brassy tones that loom up after a few weeks. Highlights integrated in a base hair color are a great way to combat orange while keeping your hair low maintenance.  Orange brassy tones are like a bad boyfriend that showed up on your doorstep after you let him go once before. You just want them gone!

If you watched the Golden Globes last night, you would have seen the beautiful hair that was subtle and actually beautifully quoiffed in twists, buns and looser styles. Nothing ostentacious this year. The makeup was soft with a

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applying fuller thicker individual eye lash extensions Indulge Salon York Pa

brighter lip or heavier on the eyes with a more natural looking lip. All of the celebrities were sporting eye lash extensions such as what we do at Indulge Salon, York Pa. These lashes look natural, thicker and reduce the annoyance of having to apply mascara several times to even insinuate lashes. Click here. Transformations can appear with hair, makeup, hair color, highlights and just style.

Talk to your stylist about the color balance or glaze shine today to spruce up what you’ve got. Takes about 10 – 20 minutes.

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