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Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary is HIRING

Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary (Indulge Salon York Pa) is HIRING experienced hairstylists, hair colorists, estheticians, waxologists, nail technician, front desk coordinators…

We would like to invite you to experience Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary (Indulge Salon). Bring your experienced skills in haircutting. hair coloring, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, facial magic, waxing, nail technology and awesome customer service to the table.

Organic Colour Systems

Organic Colour Systems can be used on fine, medium and long hair

       Bring your highest self

Ready to grow your career? We are the place to be. Bring your motivation to be your prestigous best. We have a proprietary system to provide you with clients that match the type of work you love to do.

Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary has four career levels. Even if you have 1 – 2 years of experience, we will guide you to the advanced levels of master Cosmetologist reaching your highest self. As you move through the levels of skin care, nail department and hair department, you will find that you have more autonomy to make decisions for your clients instead of being told what to do.

Here is the criteria to working with our company:

  1. Being a natural born leader by showing others what you learn to help team members grow
  2. Passionate about your career
  3. Be dedicated to excellence by continuing to be educated
  4. Decisive and ready to take action
  5. be innovative with your ideas towards your clients services
  6. be self motivated, results oriented, “best in class” attitude
  7. be a friend and team player
  8. be genuine and “in the know”
  9. naturally ENTHUSIASTIC 
  10. Have skills in your craft
  11. Pa Cosmetologist license or Georgia Cosmetologist license 
  12. go here to apply

Ready to join our team?

What Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary can do for you:  Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary

  1. Develope specific professional goals for you – raise the bar for your personal performance
  2. Play big, instead of shooting for 5 new clients per week, shoot for 10!
  3. Tracking your goals with our Salonbiz app
  4. Stand behind you if you make a mistake. Nobody is perfect (we try)
  5. provide time-tested business processes produce consistent results over time
  6. Receive a copy of handbook (guide)
  7. Help keep close on your clients services for their benefit
  8. focus on the outcomes for you and  your clients
  9. Continue to add to your excellent reputation with support from Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary
  10. encourage you to achieve your Master of Color Certification or the Master levels of Hair, Skin, Extensions and Nails. Even our Front desk has a level system.
  11. Can work at any of our locations

Our company is not for everyone. If you feel that you are respected in the community and take pride in prestigeous reputation then we can sit down and talk first to discover if we are a match. If you want a better lifestyle that can provide you with a higher pay compensation, clients to work your magic on and a team that works intensely with you. Your co-workers that are like minded then we can set up a time to see your work.

Achieving work life balance in the workplace is here..

If you have children and need work life balance while still passionate about your career? This is the place for you. You can work during the day or evening, be home with the kids being super mom (dad). The average hours our employees work are 28 – 40 hours per week. During the school season, we adjust your hours to work with the kids school schedule. Sick kids? yes you can take off to be with them if you dont have coverage however; you can make up your days on another day if necessary or channel the clients to another team member to be able to make it work for your client. The team at Indulge, A Colour Salon 180 from Ordinary (Indulge Salon York Pa) asks “what can I do for you?” instead of “what can you do for me?”

Are you personally competitive? I bet you are. Do you want to be the best in the industry? We can supply you with clients that want the same from you! Be original, forward thinking with your clients by helping them shine amongst their peers. Click this link here for more information. Call 717.846.4424 to set up a phone interview. Send your resume to [email protected] SUBJECT LINE: Employment

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