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Thank you to our Veterans for keeping us safe November 11 2017

Have you thanked your Veteran’s today?

I have a few Veterans’ to thank today.

My son-in-law Sean Crawford deserves recognition for his dedication to keeping our families safe. I remember the first time I spoke to him about the service. My daughter and her husband Sean were sitting across the table talking about his determination to teach the young ones coming into the service to stay active by exercising to stay fit in order to carry a pack of 65 lbs. He was describing how it was when he was in basic training and how it is now. I love that he wanted to make a difference just like he does today. He was training to be an officer. Now he does his weekend warrior training. He loves my daughter, Alex and their children. Nothing makes me smile more than to see how the children light up when daddy and mommy walk into the room. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to keep our country safe.

Mr. Harry A Keating is a Navy veteran whom is the nicest, most generous man that you would ever want to meet. He always does what he says, he has taken care of his wife Jean Keating all of her adult life. I have so much respect for him.

My ex-husband Brian Acworth. He has been  committed to the military when he was serving. He is actually retired from the Army. Thank you for all you have done to rescue those in need during your tours.  Now you can run after the grandchildren.

Our very own stylist, Former  Aviation Ordinance USM with the Navy, Brittani Young. She has always recognized fellow military veterans with pride. I see her face shine when she talks to others such as today at work. No matter what capacity our veterans’ provide their service, their mental strength, physical strength and have always got your back no matter the role they play. Thank you for your service!

To those veteran’s that I’ve not personally mentioned, from all of us THANK YOU! I come from a family of military branches. Army, Marines and Navy. We even had a chaplain Uncle George whom was my grandmother Polly Oberlander’s brother  George Hummer. He was the calmest gentlemen that you would ever want to meet. He would sit and listen to whatever you had to say. He always had a story he could tell us to relate to us with a message from Jesus. When my grandmother and I would visit them in VA, we would ride bicycles (the type that you rent at the beach) around their neighborhood then make a pit stop for lunch with Aunt Helen directing us onto another adventure. My cousin Steven is  US Marine Lieutenant General in the Marines along with his wife veteran  US Marine Captain Sheri Hummer whom is a high ranking officer. Read more here. 

All of them and others that I have not mentioned personally are still continuing to serve the community in other capacities. thank you again for all that you do to make our world a better and safer place.

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