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Is your stylist giving you the right hair color for your skin tone?

Who is choosing the right hair color for you?

Kimberly Acworth and Alexandra from MUZE salon

Kimberly Acworth and Alexandra from MUZE salon

Alexandra from MUZE salon in New York City and I had the pleasure of working with models on Sunday November 5th for hours diving into color pigments, the makeup of color to determine HOW to choose the right color for you. These 3 things help decide on what to choose as the END RESULT:

  1. texture of your hair – the ability of your hair texture to absorb the color pigments makes a difference. If the color looks pretty today it might not look so pretty by the end of the week. There is a reason why.
  2. Density – how thick your hair is or how fine
  3. type of color used plays a big part in how the hair will look on you. Do you want your hair to look natural? Do you need gray coverage without the blandness but you hate the red or orange tones that you see? We have color that acts like a stained glass window that will be light and airy. We have colors to choose from that prevents you from itching but still get gray coverage. We have hair color that might be the right color for you that will blend the gray away without having it permanent.

All of these factors and more play such an important part of choosing the right hair color for you. After 26 years of doing hair for my clients, I’m still lucky to experience the most advanced education that is available. Even better when you work with one of the many chemists that work with R & D of Wella hair color company.

When our blonde model came in we learned that she had over highlighted hair that was not giving her enough color. The technique we used was not the normal foil, we had used a blended balayage technique to create cool and warm in her hair that will work with her hairstyle either straight or her natural curl. As you can see she looks younger and more updated with her look. She learned how to create the curls that are soft and bouncty. Styling with the right products that are healthy can add to maintaining and preventing the hair color from fading.

Our second model came in with what appeared to be very dark hair. It was dark with box color that was applied over super highlighted hair that she loved. Unfortunately, after we did a strand test (yes, we still do those to prevent your hair from having a chemical haircut) We did a balayage that was natural and used a more gentle approach to a burgundy wine color that had juicy shots of bright auburn fall color throughout the ends. Her hair was breaking in the front where she braids and pulls it back. We spoke about cleansing the hair with a purify shampoo, or nioxin cleansing shampoo to prevent buildup from well water or product buildup.

Most women are not shampooing their hair every day as we see from magazines, the salons, or just not enough time in the day. This will help prevent buildup and keep the hair fresh and bright with whatever color you choose blonde, brunette or spicy red.

If you want to have the right hair color chosen for you, call 717.846.4424 or go to to schedule an appointment today!

choosing the right color for your skin tone

multi-tones for natural looking hair

Courtesy of Wella model

red balayage highlights

balayage highlights on box color that cannot be lifted or it will damage

balayage hlighlights for brown hair

balayage highlights

type of balayage highlights for over highlighted hair

right color for you

shiny healthy looking hair with balayage

choosing the right color for her skin tone

choosing the right color for blonde balayage

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