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Natural hair extensions customized hair color, shape and style

Customized hair extensions to give you your dream hair!

hair extensions

BEFORE Melissa with fine broken off hair on the top of her head

hair extensions

AFTER adding hair extensions length to the top, sides and back

Bring your dreams of flowing long hair to Indulge Salon, York, Pa. Our team of hair extensionists’ will evaluate which type of hair extensions that are best for your type of hair. If you have struggled with growing your hair to a length then just stops, this is a solution for you. Go from short to long hair  in 1 – 2 hours with customized hair extensions color that looks natural. We will cut the hair extensions to enhance your face shape and lifestyle. Call 717.846.4424

One of our hair extensions has worked in New York as a model, wears tape in hair extensions 24″ in length for years. She can guide you with the how to style these along with options of coloring hair extensions. Some hair extensions cannot be colored. Read more about wedding hair extensions here.

All natural hair extensions come  from the UK, Russia, China, Asia that are naturally processed which means bleached out then processed with hair color dye that is secured with a silicone coating that gives the cuticle the same direction. Beautiful, shiny hair that can withstand curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers. We have access to a world of hair to meet your needs.

The hair can come in several textures such as wavy, curly, or straight. All of these can be customized to look and feel like what you had or what you desire to have for your final look. Hair extensions can be ordered customized in length and hair color. We can create an ombre’ or balayage highlights. If you like a solid color such as all blonde, brunette, chestnut brown with sparkling golden highlights we can provide this customization for you too. For more information please click here to see samples of before and after of a blonde haired client that has cylinder/clamp type of hair extensions. This specific brand is Dream Catchers known for their high quality hair extensions.

Celebrities have been doing natural hair extensions for many years. Although the hair process has been more refined over the years with natural looking hair. Depending on your texture of hair we can match it for the best natural look for you.  In order to get the best results, bring pictures of what you like. A gentle reminder that the photos that you bring from Pinterest are edited and photo shopped to show the model and items in the best possible light.

Creating a specialized look with hair extensions will require an appointment for a consultation, strategy on the type of extensions that are the absolute best for what you want. We will let you know immediately if what you desire is possible. Some considerations are:

  1. Type of hair needed
  2. the state of your current hair
  3. the color of your hair naturally or colored and the colors that you want
  4. the strategic process of what you need to have done before we order and install the hair extensions

    AFTER hair extensions

    After hair extensions installed

  5. beauty budget
  6. time line
  7. how to maintenance your new hair extensions
  8. appointment follow up for color if needed

Ready for long hair to look like your dream wedding hair?

Every bride has her dream hair in mind. How does she achieve it before the wedding? We have the checklist to prepare your dream look with hair, makeup and skincare for your perfect wedding day. This includes hair extensions whether they are for fullness, texture, length and volume. We can even create customized highlights in your hair that look so natural nobody will even know but you and Indulge Salon. Ask about our wedding packages.

Hair that is fine, thin, shedding hair from stress, cancer, diabetes, vitamin deficiency or medical disease.

We have a solution to give you hair  that you had lost due to life’s events. This is not your fault. Kimberly, the Sr hair extensionist does cancer survivor hair extensions that are designed to give you your hair back. This is a temporary consideration depending  how strong your natural hair is to hold the weight of  tape in, resin, fusion or cylinder type of attachment. The point of providing a stringent detailed extension solution will give you the ability to style your hair the way you used to. Wouldn’t you love to put a curling iron to your hair and watch it curl then let it “boing”?

Read about Amber’s story. She is a professional with fine hair that just stopped growing. See her after photos with fusion hair extensions here. 

Having hair again makes you feel like you. The ability to run your fingers through your hair feels normal. What is normal for you?

When I was I in beauty school, we were taught that our hair is an accessory but I believe hair is more than that. Our hair is part of our identity. People know us by a certain style they may have been created for our face shape and lifestyle. Our hair extensions can be a statement of defiance that rebels against the norms that we were brought up with such as a strict regulation by our parents.  Our hair extensions can be a statement of creativity with a variety of rainbow colors as graphic design. Those graphic designs in hair extensions can be colored in blocks, faded pastel colors, bright jewels that look like prisms. We can lift off limitations by enjoying long hair, short hair and volume with hair extensions that come in all different textures that mimic what you’ve have had in the past.

Hair gone? Hair strands?

We have the ability to provide wefts that are glued to the skin appropriate resin that is temporary. They can be re-used for the day or night. I did a blog post or people that pull their hair out  from nervous disorder called Tricholotillomania. See some before and after photos of what is possible. This solution  can last a day or two but is not a permanent solution. However; it is possible to help you break the habit over time. The example of this amazing women has been fighting the urge to pull her hair out since she was 14. As you can see in one of the photos of her hair actually growing back because she wasn’t pulling it out. I was very proud of her and the strength and courage it has taken for her to resist pulling her hair. The AFTER photo shows the highlighted wefts that were strategically placed to cover the balding areas. She was able to go to an event with confidence that weekend.

glued in hair extensions

client AFTER with highlighted and lowlighted glued in hair weft hair extensions

Back result of pulling hair out

trichotillomania back

glued in weft hair extensions

placing glued in weft hair extensions amongs new hair growth

hair loss growing back in

Hair growing back in September 2016 Tricholotillomania survivor


Trichotilomania (disorder pulling hair out)

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