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Fine hair solutions

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courtesy of Pintrest. Love this photo of the Olsen twin with beachy waves with longer length hair with highlights

The single most important fact about fine hair structure is that it has up to 50% less internal protein than thick hair! It also has an average diameter of roughly 70 microns compared to the roughly 90 microns average diameter of medium to thick hair. As a result, there are a number of unique characteristics about fine hair that need to be taken into consideration. click link to watch Fine hair solutions with product and blowdrying from flat to fluffy

Fine hair feels like silk and slips through the fingers when  you touch it. The characteristics of fine hair  show flexibility and fly aways when it really needs more stiffness to keep the style. Have you ever noticed that no sooner you have your hair up in rollers or curling iron then spray it with the hardest spray around just to make it stay then boom it PLOPS by the end of the day.

If you are around any type of heat, your hair will seem to melt and lose its shape in short order. At Indulge Salon, York PA we have some solutions to recommend to help thicken up your hair.

1. Coloring your hair will help thicken up the hair and lasts up to 6 weeks. We recommend a semi-permanent color or called a demi-permanent because it actually will go into the hair shaft to expand the molecules within the hair. The result is beautiful fully hair.Permanent hair color works just as well expanding the hair on the inside without damage.

2. Highlighting your hair will help thicken the strand and gives more texture than semi-permanent color plus it lasts longer until it grows out. The color can fade over time  and you will have to have a color glaze or color balance over top of the highlights to keep the beautiful tone that you left with the first time.

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courtesy of Loreal Professionnel

3. Use more thickening shampoo and conditioners. These speciality shampoos and conditioners are patented to give more lift to the hair and are used in conjuction with great hair color. We use and recommend Volupt Wella Sebastian products for maximum volume and lift without the weight.

4. Have texturizing at the crown with a razor technique(usually the place on the head that goes flat first). We use  razors at the base of the crown but not at the scalp or you would end up looking like a rooster! This takes special care in handling a razor to perform this technique to basically get the volume you are looking for at the scalp and crown area.

5. Texturizing sprays work well temporarily and can be sprayed wet or dry. The best bet would be to come in for a consultation to decide which way to go with your hair for the achieved desired results.

6.Natural hair extensions are amazing for the best result over all. The color doesn’t fade, the strands are attached to Keratin glue at the end of the strand and can make your hair “appear” thick and give volume better than your own hair. The hair will curl immediately and hold which is a far cry from your hair’s performance. Hair extensions require a consultation on the specific type that you want to invest in for durability and longevity of the extensions. We carry single strands, skin wefts that attach on the top and bottom of the section that last about 3 months. The variety of single and wefting types of hair extensions must be moved up every month to maintain the hair and the extensions for as long as possible. It is possible to color the hair inbetween services by our professionals.

7. Have a French haircut designed for your face shape and lifestyle. If you are good with a round brush and styling, let the stylist know so they can customize a french haircut for you. As you know, if the hair is cut to short and  you are used to medium length or longer lengths that can be devastating and you would have to let your hair grow out or put hair extensions in quickly. The best looks for fine hair are bob’s of medium to shorter lengths. We have special haircutting techniques that we use over the curve of the head and on the ends of the hair to make the hair appear as though its thicker. We do highly recommend a haircut every four weeks to maintain your look. If you go longer than 4 weeks it starts to hang and not look attractive. It is also more difficult to fix the hair if its not cut at the right length on the top of the head in the crown.

8. Perming is still a service we provide but as we have evolved in haircolor and highlighting, the perm has decreased in popularity. With that being said, a body perm with larger rollers is still desired and gives a great result for volume and body. If you want a perm, we recommend a consultation prior to a service to see which product would be best for your hair. The consultation should be scheduled for about 20 minutes in order to find out which cut, which perm, which hair color ideas would give you the best solution for your Indulge Salon York Graphichair.

9. French blowdry and styling lessons at Indulge Salon, York PA. We are totally into training our customers to learn how to maximize their boar bristle brushes or the brush that is ceramic and acts like a curling iron. We are available by appointment only for this session. Contact us at 717.846.4424 for an appointment. Bring your favorite photo of the hair you like, bring your brushes and products that you use for us to review and allow about 30 minutes for your blow dry styling session.

Great for thickening and expanding your hair without the weight. Fine hair will feel thicker and you only need a small amount. Available at any of our Indulge Salon York PA locations.

10. Styling products used for fine hair are essential. Try Strand Expand by Alterna. This is one of my personal favorites because I have extre-mely fine hair that hangs straight even afte I’ve blown it dry. Use a dime size rub togethe in your hands and apply to the mid lengths and ends

to help thicken your hair before blow drying it with a round brush. A smaller round brush will be better for your styling options to create volume and style.