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Balayage Highlights — Sardinia Ombre

Sardinia is an Italian island — the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Boasting an extensive history that includes everything from Roman ruins to Byzantine treasures inland, Sardinia is best loved for it’s coastal areas and short vacation getaways. I don’t know about you, but that sounds alright to me!

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Ombre Sardinia

In our new Copacabana Collection, the most fuss free color technique is named after Sardinia. It incorporates free-hand painting starting at your hairs mid-length to the ends. There is absolutely zero regrowth with Sardinia Ombre. But like all of the Balayage highlighting, it follows your cut and the natural flow of your hair creating the most natural color dimensions. We apply it to dry hair in a variety of widths so there is nothing contrived about the finished look.

There is something for everyone in our six new exotic Balayage combinations in the Copacabana Collection. Could Sardinia be right for you? Call us at 717.846.4424 today for an appointment or check out our website at

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