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Another hair color transformation|Indulge Salon York Pa

It’s Spring Hair Transformation time!

Ready for your hair color and haircut Spring makeover?

Look at this transformation from our very own stylist, Zach, from Indulge Salon on East Market Street York, Pa. He has been doing these amazing Spring hair transformations with our clients that come in with brassy, same color tones without contrast or interest.

brassy hair

Brassy hair color BEFORE

He livened up her haircut with a french haircutting technique that complements her face shape and lifestyle.

One of our newest client additions to our Indulge family is Daria Kostyleff. He felt honored that she came to him asking to get rid of her brassy gold hair. She is newly in love and wanted to have a “revamping” of her hair. Zach was on it in a second by offering up some changes with the following:

  1. change in hair color tone to give her skin a glow
  2. offered the balayage hair painting highlight technique to customize color contrast and dimension
  3. created interest in her haircut with the French haircutting technique. Read more about it here

As you can see from the AFTER photos of Daria, that her stylist did it. the style is soft, romantic and touchable. He gave her a movable haircut that can be worn straight or curly and looks easy to style. Daria’s hair color has lighter tones with contrast and dimension plus I love how it doesn’t show the lines from the regular foil highlights. Just gorgeous! Thanks Zach for doing a great job.

hair transformation

Daria after – back view

It takes a lot of advanced skill to create these types of hair transformations. Zach has done advanced training in balayage highlights, hair color correction, and hair color formulations. Even with all of this knowledge, it is important to note that taking care of a new hair color is similar to buying a silk dress that is an investment and you want to keep in good condition as long as possible. We always will recommend shampooing with our non sulfate shampoo and conditioner that helps maintain the color pigments preventing them from leaving the hair. You wouldn’t want to wash that silk expensive dress in generic washing solution. It would make the dress fade and become dull just like hair becomes after repeatedly washing with generic over the counter drug store products that tend to make the the hair color fade.

hair transformation

Daria After

We want you to take care of your new hair color and haircut. All of our stylists will recommend the best styling products to help keep hair color from fading. Your stylist will show you how to style your hair too! If you don’t know how, we have BYOB (bring your own blowdryer) workshops that allow you to bring in your own tools, products (we try not to judge) and show you how to use them to achieve your look. Runs $25 for 30 minutes of undivided guidance plus you get a FREE bonus product.

To really finish off her Spring transformation, I would recommend eyelash extensions done at our South George location. Eyelash extensions would really open up her eyes making this look more dramatic. Read more here

If you are interested in having a Spring haircut and hair color makeover, Call 717.718.4465 for an appointment today.

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