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3 ways to treat dry damaged hair

One ways your hair is being damaged could be from your leave in conditioner? Is yours drying your hair out?

damaged hair

Damaged hair to healthy hair

Take a look at the bottom right image. This client came in for an emergency appointment to fix her hair. Her hair appeared to be dry and damaged. As I inquired more about what was going on with her hair, we discovered that she had just had her hair lightened (bleached) from another salon.

Her hair was turned blorange (mixture of blonde and orange) leaving the condition of the hair in dry rough shape. In addition to the color, it stopped in a line in the middle of the hair. See images above

She was blown away

As I spoke to her about her history and the products she was using, she revealed that she was using a protein product that was drying her hair out. What I find that most clients that use this particular product that their hair is overly dry, stiff and broken off. Oftentimes, the

curly gray hair with split ends

texture is super dry, brittle plus rough to the touch.

She thought we would have to cut her hair off to solve the problem. We didn’t have to. I suggested that we do a moisturizing treatment to give the hair the nutrients it needed. Moisture will always provide flexibility that allows the hair to move. Think about the ocean waves that move in and out along the sand. A good example is coarse gray hair that is stiff. Obviously, we need lots of moisture or leave in moisture  that keeps the hair flexible.

Some of the solutions to over dry hair can be Wella Dark Oil that helps heal the hair both inside and outside. We always recommend using this product in conditioner after washing for extremely dry hair. You can add Wella Dark Oil into hair products that are meant to be left in the hair.

Organic hair color

I the photo on the right, one of my personal clients is a nurse that loves her curly hair. She decided that she would try to grow her gray hair but just didn’t feel as vibrant as she usually does with her strawberry blonde copper hair. We had to choose a safer approach to color with her because she is mindful of living an organic lifestyle. We use Organic hair color on curly haired clients, natural hair clients if they want more of a plant based solution to their hair color. FYI, the process takes a little longer process but is worth it for my curly clients.

The opposite is true with protein. Protein is designed to strengthen creating stiffness which is great for over processed hair that is mushy, dead feeling.  Looking at the images of this client, you can see her hair was not evenly cut, dry ends, uneven color that needed lots of attention to get her hair back on track. To fix the hair, we started with a new hair color that got rid of the brassy color, conditioned the ends of her hair  to prevent any more broken hair. The after photo made me very proud of the work we did this day. It looks smooth and beautiful.

Broken uneven hair

BEFORE broken off hair from over processing

conditioned hair replenished

AFTER results of being moisturized and replenished

Other options for combating dry, over processed hair can be doing a color balance.

What is a color balance?

A color balance is a deposit only color that will balance out the tones by adding a brighter tone that was once lost such as bright reds or any pastel color that doesn’t require a strong developer. It just adds the pigments that are missing. In the top picture you can see we added some reds to her orange hair. After conditioning her hair, the hair was able to accept the color we applied. Her hair looked totally different. It looked hydrated and shiny before she left. Again, by analyzing the hair properly allows us to provide the best solutions for our clients.

Hair Extensions to thicken, protect and add length

The awesome opportunity to add hair extensions is exciting to our client’s hair will be exciting because the hair extension will thicken the natural hair plus it will take the brunt of being pulled up in a ponytail, it will take the stretching better because of the nature of the hair extension. Look at the before and after of this client Regina.

balayage highlights

AFTER Balayage highlights/color balancing

BEFORE broken off hair

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