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The Baby Boomer Chemical Peel

Last week I mentioned that our Skin Care Specialists at Indulge won’t perform chemical peels in the summer months because of the risk of burning fresh skin. But even though the calendar tells us its spring, summer sun still seems to be quite a ways off. Why not take advantage and get a peel while you still can.

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If you are considering a chemical peel, let me tell you about one of my favorites.  The “Baby Boomer Peel” is a little more assertive than most—perhaps that’s why I like it. It includes three phase cleansing, chemical peel, and after care check-up all for $188. This three part treatment improves discoloration, fine lines, and coarser texture that comes with age and stress or genetics. This specific peel will help reduce enlarged pores, and spice up the dull lifeless skin by a thorough cleansing of stronger additives used to clean safely. It is specialized for individual needs giving your skin the ultimate in a peel experience.

The skin actually will give a visual exfoliation for at least one week as it starts to peel. Some may peel like a fresh tan or others may not peel as much, each individual experience is different depending on the amount of dead skin that has accumulated over the years. The skin’s appearance will continue to improve from underneath the dead skin that has been layered on top and new skin will start to emerge after a week. You will be given products for immediate after care and that will be recommended for continued optimum effects. Follow up skin treatment is required for us to check on your progress or if you have questions. Post care included.

In my next few posts I will highlight a couple of alternative treatments to chemical peels—but I assure you “The Baby Boomer” is worth it and remains one of my personal favorites! See for more information about our skincare services or call us at 717.846.4424 to schedule an appointment to structure a skin care plan perfect for you.


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