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Teacher gets a hair makeover from Indulge Salon Greensboro, Ga

Look who got a hair makeover here in Greensboro, Ga at Lake Oconee! 
Here at Indulge Salon, we often have clients come in asking for a specific look but not always entirely aware of the work that went into creating a specific colour or look. We call this COUTURE COLOUR. A colour that is highly customized and created using a variety of techniques to give you the client a look that is photograph ready. A lot of todays looks are very natural and simple. But creating a colour that blends seamlessly isn’t always as simple as it may seem.
Todays client hair makeover comes from master stylist, David at Indulge Greensboro, Ga. His client Cara is a young mom and an elementary school teacher. She has a young face and braces so its very important to her as a young professional to keep a look that is easy yet sophisticated!
She had been seeing a stylist regularly at her previous hometown and driving a distance to see her for her colour needs. However she has been looking for a salon closer to her new home.
Cara before with dark hair and layers that didn't work for her

Cara before with dark hair and layers that didn’t work for her

After her last visit, her previous stylist had made her hair too solid and too dark and she was having trouble with the layers since growing her hair out from a bob hairstyle. Her stylist could not fit Cara in for a few days for a correction, so she sought out her new GO TO colour destination in the Lake Oconee area!

After a thorough consultation David discussed with Cara her likes and dislikes with the current condition of her cut and colour situation. She had pulled out some inspiration pictures of beautiful brunettes with a very “lived in” highlight. For fall we are calling this look THE BRONDE! Some of her inspirations reminded us of Jessica Biel! And she was excited because she said her husband’s celebrity crush is Jessica Biel.

David explained to her that because she was trying to achieve a very specific look from scratch that it would be a multiple step process to achieve the desired effect. First David chose his Magma Freelights Lightener and decided to hand paint a highlight on top of the existing color. We carry only professional use color such as Magma brand because it is a tonal lightener (lifts color out and then tones it at the same time)  it gave him control of the

balayage highlights at Indulge Salon Greensboro Ga

balayage highlights with Wella Magma color

underlying colours that were exposed as these highlights were lifted! Usually, when lifting hair colour, the hair can turn brassy or get to light.  He chose to use two different tones for dimension, a warm gold brown and a softer blonde shade. After the lightener was done processing the hair had a wonderful dimenisional blended brunette while keeping some depth to the base.

Because Cara’s hair was so dark to begin with and had no dimension we decided that the hair needed a few more pops of lightness in specific places. Often to achieve these soft dimensional brunettes we have to use an effect called highlight layering to achieve many different layers of dimension. The process may take more time but the results are breath taking and magazine ready! David chose to use foils to really target specific pieces of hair and allow the product to create much more brightness in the hair. No need to overdo it! He used a minimal amount of foils realizing sometimes less is more when it comes to achieve this modern look! Take a look at the process below!

Indulge Salon Greensboro Ga, highlighting with foils

teacher makeover 2nd step of adding pop in the hair with foils

David then used his knowledge in French hair cutting methods to correct some bulky areas within Cara’s haircut that were making it difficult to style! Afterword her hair was finished off with a volume mousse from Wella and set with a large barrel curling iron for a romantic loose curl! The hair makeover was a total transformation!
Cara loved it and said that she found her new colour specialist in her new hometown! She left taking advantage of our HALF OFF WELLA PRODUCT SPECIAL! We are clearing out our old favorite to make way for Wella’s new EIMI line coming in October!
Indulge Salon Greensboro, Ga

Teacher, Cara shows off her hair makeover

For more information on Colour Couture customized hair color and balayage freelights click here

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