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Split End Repair at Indulge Salon, York PA

Repair your split ends with our NEWEST edition of Brazilian Blowout treatments. We have found several advantages to using this treatment on the ends of your hair will help:

1. repair and close the ends that are a little raw and straw leaving them feeling smooth

2. gives a smoother appearance to the hair because the solution smooths the actual outside layer of the hair

3. allows volume at the scalp and can de-bulk the hair immediately

4. conditions the hair and lasts a few weeks

5. has cumulative effects which means that when used over a period of time, the hair gets better and better every time you use it

6. adds shine and locks in hair color

7. reduces drying time and cuts your time in half (who wouldn’t want that)

If you are struggling with your long hair and have dried out frizzy ends then this might be a solution for you. You see the formulas that were created are designed to penetrate the cortex of the hair and encapsulate the hair shaft therefore protecting with a protective coating. We have used this solution on double processed highlighted blondes to give more volume and to protect the longer hair that really should be cut off. This new solution has provided another way to protect hair and to give it more weight on the ends without having to cut it and to keep it on the hair longer. I have seen this secret miracle myself and everything the company at Brazilian Blowout Keratin Smoothing treatment has said is true, “it will tame down and smooth frizzy rebellious hair”.

We apply the solution to the last 1-2″ of the hair where most of the hair is in need of trimming. Instead of trimming these ends we fill it with the solution that has a gentle fragrance then we blow dry till its dry then we apply the flat iron to lock it in. This treatment will not work unless heat has activated the ingredients to make it work. We will have a conversation around the end result being do you still want to keep volume and de-frizz your hair or do you want to keep it as straight as possible. You need to know that you have choices and that this Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment is NOT designed to straighten the hair like a hair relaxer or hair perm will do. This treatment can de-bulk the hair by smoothing down the cuticle which is the outside layer of the hair. The treatment runs about 45.00 and can be done in 10 minutes. If you need more done such as the mid lengths then the price will be more due to the length, density and how much product is being used.

Men and women both enjoy this service on all types of hair such as coarse, super curly, medium waves, frizziness. Brazilian Blowout Keratin Treatment can be done on younger people just make sure they are able to handle the fragrance of the products. Follow up your treatment with the correct products and you will have a long term winner and save time in the morning getting ready for work.

Our entire staff of stylists are all certified to perform this service. Please note that we already provide advanced trainings to our team to really prepare your hair to receive the treatment to last as long as possible for you within reason. Call 717.846.4424 or 717.718.4465 for a consultation. If this is your first Brazilian blowout Keratin treatment receive 50.00 off your first full treatment. does not include split end repair or mid length to ends this is on the full service. Click here for to sign up for your treatment.

Please allow about 2 hours in the schedule for medium length hair. Longer time for longer hair. Our front desk coordinators are happy to help you schedule your smoothing treatment. Call 717.846.424 for a location nearest you.

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