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NEW Moisturizer in a bar

Try our NEW moisturizer in a bar.

It’s a 2.7 oz moisturizer in a bar that hydrates the driest of skin. This little miracle bar is 100% vegan,

Indulge Salon York Pa, best moisturizer in a bar

best moisturizer in a bar, Indulge Pure Originals

Moisturizer bars glide over the body in a fluid motion after its melted under warm water. Gentle for the face, yet powerful enough for the entire body to eliminate dry skin.

Indulge Pure Originals moisturizer bar doesn’t have the chemicals that dry skin out. This little power packed moisturizer in a bar is like the olympians…driven to succeed in eliminating dry skin.

Many years ago, I had super dry skin that was incredibly itchy. Couldn’t scratch my ankles (I know weird place) no matter what type of lotions or creams I used. In fact, the lotions I used burned my open scratches. My lifestyle of travel, training new employees, standing on my feet all day working with clients up to 15 hours per day  requires that I keep my skin moisturized. I don’t have the time to be bending down to itch my ankles.

Personally, I needed a solution to my itchy dry skin. I had used so many other types of lotions and creams that the itchiness wasn’t subsiding. I didn’t want the chemicals on my body either. What to do? I contacted a formulator that did this for a living and she helped create the cocoa body butter bar that is the best moisturizer bar in the world.

Indulge Pure Originals cocoa body butter bar was in development for months to get the right formulation that has zero grease. My main objectives of a moisturizer in a bar are:

  1.  economically priced $10-$12
  2. efficient because we can use it in the shower. As soon as it hits the cool air, the bar dries
  3. easy to travel without the security confiscating my moisturizers
  4. saves time in application

It’s not fancy. It’s like a wallflower at the dance but the beauty of this little wallflower is that it does the moisturizing job it was intended to do. It’s powerpacked with vitamins, 100% healthy for the skin, no additives, gluten free Good enough to eat. Our moisturizers in a bar come in four scents, cocoa gold bar, citrus, coconut, and unscented.

I enjoy using Indulge Pure Originals body butter bars. We worked to perfect the ingredients to bring you the ultimate in moisturization by way of a bar. It’s not a soap but a bar designed to fit your handfor easy application. The moisturizer bar is held under the warm shower water which starts the softening process enabling a smooth glide over damp, warm skin. Towel blot and you are ready to start your day. Enjoy the natural fragrance of cocoa which reminds me of the beach. All of our body butter bars come in different shapes and fragrances. Even the unscented is for our sensitive type of clients that can’t handle the natural perfumed scents from our natural products.

Ready to try one of the moisturzing bars?  here 

Scents: Coconut (most popular), Citrus, and Unscented

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