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New hair color coming soon at Indulge Salon, York PA

We have received some spectacular new hair color that reminds me of a stained glass window. When I was a little girl I was supposed to sit in the front pew of this little old country church with my grandmother when I spent the weekends with her. I loved being with my grandmother. She was the best with her cookie making, bread baking, gardening, canning and telling me stories all of the time about her childhood experiences and just being together was fun. If you have read many of my other stories in my emails of our sun bathing in the nude, you know how fun she is. We always were in trouble for some reason. My grandfather would just shake his head and say “those two”.

Back to my church story and stained glass windows. I would look up and see the sun shining in through them which looked more translucent. Actually, I thought God was shining his light down on me to send me a message at the time as though he was watching me and telling me to behave.

The new hair color that we are carrying is more of a translucent color that is much lighter in weight and works beautifully on any type of hair like course, fine, and medium which will absorb the color. These new hair colors can be used on gray hair and on natural hair to give more luminosity, shine, and no additional weight to the hair. With the current hair color on the market, some of the professional colors do have weight to be able to cover that fiesty gray hair. Certainly, if it’s covered that’s all that matters.

We are introducing three new trends of coloring techniques for the winter collection of hair color and cuts. These colors are more blended rather than stripey or bold this season. I expect that you will have to endure more foils that are blended with a multiple of three different but close colors to enhance the color and the shine with dimension for the season. The blondes are cooler with a little bit of slight beige, the darks are stunning with brown and dark red violet burgundy (think of a fine red wine or burgundy wine) and some slight caramel pieces that are not bold but slightly slinked in throughout the color. The cinnamon color has again multiple colors blended throughout the tones to give a beautiful shimmer for the holidays. Oh, don’t forget will still have our ever popular raspberry vixen and the sparkling blondes on the home page of our website.

Go here to see our home page of the Raspberry Vixen and the Sparkling Blonde.

We have now been more active with Yelp if you are interested in reading or adding your own review of our salon and stylists.


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