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Naught or Nice hair for the holidays?|Indulge Salon

Naughty or Nice hair for the holidays?

Julie Fabie long time client of Kimberly's at Indulge Salon York Pa

Julie Fabie long time client of Kimberly’s at Indulge Salon York Pa

Not sure? We can assure you we have seen some naught hair and we turn that rebellious frizzy curly hair into nice hair when we are done with it. We can even teach you some tips and tricks to manage that naughty hair. If you are struggling with the frizzy hair at the hairline and underneath that tends to get knotted up then this treatment is for you.

Introducing the Keratin Brazilian Blowout treatment that is designed to smooth the cuticle (outside layer of the hair) and make it lay down and behave. The cuticle resembles the tree bark kind of rough and textured. When we apply this amazing Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment to the hair, it adds amino acids, fruit acids in a healthy way that penetrates deep into the hair causing it to be filled with these healthy vitamins for the hair. This treatment only works with heat that is applied to it and dried into a style. We then take the flat iron at the precise temperature to heat this keratin into the hair sealing it in. We recommend this miracle keratin smoothing treatment on naturally curly rebellious hair, after color treated hair, and can be used directly after an overprocess color or perm to help seal the ends together. A professional consultation is a must no matter which treatment you decide to give you the best results possible.

Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment

Julie Fabie after her Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment immediately after her permanent hair color

We are experts in the field of Keratin smoothing treatments. We have tried other keratin treatments with our clients permission and they come running back telling us they PREFER the Brazilian Blowout treatment. We have done this to smoothing treatment to  all textures of hair such as black hair, mixed hair, and caucasion hair giving the smooth, shiny hair back.

Julie Fabie at Indulge Salon York Pa

Julie Fabie after photo of crown.

This treatment is a transformational experience. Check out our client Julie Fabie. She has had so many over the years and her hair as a result is much healthier because of this Keratin Brazilian Blowout treatment.  If you want NICE smooth, easy to blow dry hair or let it dry naturally with a little more control and zero frizz on the ends, go  to fill out the form to receive $50 off your FIRST TIME Brazilian Blowout Keratin smoothing treatment.

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