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Natural nail manicurist joins Indulge Salon York Pa

Good morning everyone! I want to introduce you to our newest team member Maria LoPresti, our natural nail expert manicurist and pedicurist.

Maria Lopresti,Expert  Natural Nail manicurist and pedicurist Indulge Salon, York Pa

Maria Lopresti,Expert Natural Nail manicurist and pedicurist Indulge Salon, York Pa

She hails from Pittsburgh, Pa brought here to Indulge Salon, York, Pa. If you have ever been plunked down in a new area where you don’t know anyone, you know how hard it is to get used to a new environment, finding new Dr’s, dentists, gynecologists, hairstylist, manicurist, garage for your car to be worked on and making new friends that might be a little different culturally than what you have been used to all your life. My daughter Alex Acworth Crawford did this when she went to college, then off Georgia, then to Texas for a new job and back again to Georgia. Its not easy meeting new people because you just aren’t confident enough about how you will be received. We understand and want to make her feel welcome with York County, Pa friends. She doesn’t know how wonderful our heritage is here in York and when you get the chance, please welcome her as we have. She is a gem.

As with all of our interviews for potential staff, we have to see their actual skills, meet with them to see if they are compatible with our culture within the salon. She had to do a model to show us her work. We were impressed with the natural nail manicure she provided on the model. It’s not often that you have a new nail technician that comes in with such a highly regarded appreciation for natural nails. She told us in Pittsburgh, Pa that the salon she worked in previously, they were moving towards the natural nail manicures and pedicures. She does enjoy the gel and shellac manicures and pedicures. Then on top of this, she surprised us by saying she is a professional massage therapist. She achieved a Bachelors of Art degree in addition to her Cosmetology license in Pittsburgh, Pa. Please note that she had to tell me that she is highly allergic to hair color and cannot apply or have her hands in the dyes that we use at the salon or she will break out. She  showed me a picture of her scalp when she had color done and how it broke out. Whew, her scalp looked painful and uncomfortable. With that being said, we are cool  with her staying over in the spa and front desk area. It’s already been her second week and she is booking up quickly.

Maria’s schedule for nail services:

Tuesday/Thursday 9:00 a.m – 9 p.m. and Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Still have room for walk-in’s on Saturdays and during the week however we recommend that you call to reserve your time.

Compliments and reviews from our current clients:

I was working behind the chair with a client and one of our fun clients (whom I know is very particular) comes over to me and says, “Kimberly, she is good!, I’m telling all of my friends about her and we need to get her busy.” Mary Bahn, York, Pa

“Kimberly, this girl is good, look at the way the edges are precise, look how neat the polish is applied and she is a delight to talk to.” Rita Carp-Fisher, York, Pa

“Hey, I want to tell you about your nail girl, she did a great job on my nails. I was running late and needed to have them done and she worked me in her schedule. I loved the shape of my nails.” Amy Harlacker, Cleveland, Ohio (she drives 5 hours to have her hair and nails done here at Indulge Salon)

Another long term client walks over to me and says, “excuse me Kimberly, but I just had to tell you how wonderful my nails look and I’m going to book another appointment. I love having my nails done but it’s been hard to find a really good manicurist here in York. I think I found her.” Randi Cohen, York, Pa 

Updates on our Spa!

If you weren’t aware we have two pedicure chairs now and we invite you to bring your friends and family to enjoy some time pedicure time together. Our current special for Mother’s Day ideas are

  • Indulge Salon Gift Card available to purchase on-line at or call us and you can stop by to pick one up
  • Mother’s Day special – Manicure and pedicure for $50.00 you save 15.00 on this deal. Citrus pedicure, Blossom pedicure, Almond pedicure, Chocolate pedicure, and Rose Petal pedicure are included in this bundled package. Your mother’s feet will be scrubbed, masqued, massaged, and polished to perfection. This offer expires 5/31/15
  • Aromatic Facial – this is a facial treatment that focuses on the relaxation of the facial muscles, reduces stress and tension in the body and leaves you with fresh clean and moisturized skin. All of this for $65.00. This offer expires 5/31/15
  • Indulge Salon Gift Bag – load her up with her favorite Indulge Pure Originals soap made from natural products plus they smell good and handle well in the shower or bath. Included in this gift bag  is a Indulge Pure Originals Lotion and Indulge Pure Originals Cream for dry skin. If you want to go the extra mile for your mom why don’t you add a small gift card for $25.00 for a blow dry for a special occassion. All of this can be done over the phone and we will have it ready for you to pick.
  • Newest pedicure is the Indulge Sport Pedicure for athletes, runners, work out people that run their feet ragged and golfers both men and women. Our sport pedicure includes a relaxing massage that will focus the energies into the heels and pads just underneath the toes. Schedule about 40-50 minutes for this treat. Respect your feet for what you put them through on a daily basis. Your expecting them to give you the foundation for all of the pounding you do to keep your body humming like a well oiled machine. Reward our feet with this newest Sport Pedicure for only $35.00.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Call 717.846.4424 for an appointment or email us at [email protected]

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