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Indulge Work Look Letter

How would you like to try the newest haircolor trends and learn the latest secrets to beautiful hair?

Thank you for your interest in INDULGE Salon for your hair salon and spa services. This letter is designed
to give you absolutely EVERY REASON WHY you should make an appointment – and at the same time serve as your Welcome Gift Voucherto use towards our new Work Look Hair Color Collection for fall.

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We’ve worked hard to make INDULGE A COLOUR SALON 180º FROM ORDINARY™ – a hair styling salon synonymous with the hottest trends each and every year. Inspiration abounds with multi-dimensional haircolors that shows off the shine, plus an old-school technique that “saturates” color within a color for lush, rich results. Don’t wait any longer for these new approaches to haircolor.

Use this letter as your voucher, valued at $20, to use toward our new Work Look Color Collection service – booked with Indulge by Oct. 15, 2013.

Why would we give away $20? Simply put – we want you to give us a try, in time to enjoy these amazing haircolor trends. Your hair will have an incredible sheen and look so natural, with NO DAMAGE whatsoever. That’s the INDULGE Salon 100% guarantee.

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Every few months we bring in the best educators, who teach us the newest, on-trend techniques. This year we are featuring Wella’s Sound of Color for 2013 Haute Couture – and the creative talents you will only find at INDULGE Salon. The new work look reflects a more professional, polished image – from the haircut, to the color, to the makeup, to what you wear. All of it works together to create an image that reflects what you are about, inside and out.

Does your image reflect your worth?

At Indulge we are so inspired to polish your image for work. As stylists we want to make a difference in your day-to-day life by making your hairstyle truly speak for you – more professional by day and sexy by night, with the new diversity of a cut that can be streamlined-polished at work yet tousled. . .with a few curls that bounce into the evening.

Wouldn’t you love to receive a pay raise at work because your image portrays the fact you are a professional?According to Business Insider, “Numerous studies have shown looks can impact career advancement. Some
say physical appearance matters even more to employers than a cover letter.”

See the whole article at

We are playing more with products which are better than ever. They’re easy to use, produce great results, and give you so much more versatility. Want to tame a curl, or build volume, or provide definition. When you have the right tools, and know how to use them, you can produce your own amazing results. We are all about educating our clients. We take it personally when you receive compliments on your hair, makeup, skin and nails.

If you are ready to take charge, call 717.846.4424to schedule your appointment. . .



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Textured hairis taking on a new position at INDULGE Salon, with curls left in their natural state.There’s more concentration on moisturizing with the RIGHT products – not just something that you walked by at the superstore hoping it would work on your textured hair. We speak to your curls that are frizzy, and we certainly have the solutions to tame the frizz but keep the curl. Think about recovery mode from the damaging summer months that have left the hair texture dehydrated, looking matte and lacking shine! After one visit to INDULGE your hair will thrive with moisture. . .plus we can add some beautiful depth of tone to reduce the natural highlights and glaze it with a gorgeous apricot shine over all to fill in the dry spots with conditioned color.

With the safest professional products available, we can calm down the bulk of hair while realizing that CURLS ARE AN ASSET to you and your natural style.EMBRACE IT!

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Ombre colortechniques are also warming up for fall. Ask our stylists about the new trends to saturate your brown hair with Auburn Ombre! Fire up the flames of golden copper mixed with rich red burnished auburn.

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If your preference is on the lighter side, we have so much creativity and inspiration to deliver the kind of natural looking blondes. The techniques used this season are certainly low maintenance with low lights and the newest technique called RE-lights. This process will enhance your already lightened hair and gives 63% more shine and luminosity than any other haircolor out there. I love that word luminosity!

RE-lights color is totally ammonia FREE! The hair texture feels completely different than what you have EVER experienced. I personally recommend that you have this service done after your lowlights or highlighted color. Talk about this with your stylist at INDULGE.

Need 4 MORE REASONS to come back to INDULGE?

We can guarantee our results 100%, because we always:

1. Analyze and determine the best color for you and your skin tone. We see woman all the time who are only 35 years old but their hair makes then look 55. You can be “made over” with the right color, created just for you. Professional color can actually improve the look and feel of your hair by 300%. We’ll explain how color can suit your beauty needs and give you a plan to make your color last as long as possible.

2. Determine the hair style that best suits the shape of your face. Together we will discuss which looks best to transform you into your most beautiful self. Our French haircutting methods are so superior that the cut complements your face and your lifestyle. Yes, your hairstyle can affect your self-image and your self-esteem. When you feel beautiful you are beautiful.

3. Provide a styling demonstration. We never transform a client without making sure the look can be managed at home. We will share our professional styling “secrets” so you will always look as if you stepped out of a salon, every day of the week!

4. Provide a prescription of the products that will help remedy your hair on a daily basis. We will also set up a plan to keep you on track for your haircutting and color maintenance. Guess what? No guessing. We will tell you what it will cost you at your next appointment. No surprises. We will tell you which products will help you maintain your look at home.

You’ll totally fall in love with your new look, and if you want to treat yourself to a TOTAL BEAUTY MAKEOVER by including a new haircut, I’ll give you an exact price of how much it would be to transform you to absolutely gorgeous! But only if you choose.

Whether short or long, framing your face with beautiful hair that has been expertly styled and colored to bring out your best features simply brings out the best in you. It’s perfectly within the boundaries to be self confident, knowing how to do what you do best at work. Let them look and be jealous! Women who are more self confident and have the power to express themselves get paid more. Aren’t you worth it?

If you aren’t sure what your look is, call us to help you find you! Define your color.Define you.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve you,

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[email protected]

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P.S. Please take advantage of your gift, valued at $20.00 towards your hair color service. You have to hurry as our reserved time fills up fast. This offer expires Oct. 15th. If that time is too soon for your next color service, call before Oct. 15th to schedule your appointment, making sure to mention this letter. This voucher is not valid with any other offer.

PLEASE CALL INDULGE and make your appointment, TODAY!
Bring this letter with you on the day of your service.

What our clients have to say:

“Hi Kimberly, I had to call and tell you this is the most compliments I have gotten in a long time. People love
my new haircut, and they love the new color change. I just had to call and tell you.”
– Rose Rauhauser,

“I love my hair! I came here because I was with three stylists who didn’t listen to me. I was afraid to color my
hair since I had so many bad color jobs. I couldn’t trust anyone. My friends referred me to Indulge and I love
my new hair color and new haircut!”
– Tammy Leiphart

“My hair feels incredible. . .and the shine! I just shake my hair and it falls into place. I love my new caramel
lowlights and the blonde hair looks richer.”
– Ann Kufta

“I was driving over 1.5 hours to a salon and found Indulge. I told them I don’t want any brassy orange color.
They gave me a thorough consultation and created whole new look customized just for me – without the
brassiness. I love change because I’m a blow dry and go girl. I love my new look. I’m going to work and tell
my friend who has been complaining about her local stylist to come to Indulge for a new blonde color.”
– Joan Ort